I think there's generally two political spectrums: authoritarian vs liberal and left vs right. I'm pretty sure most NA peeps are anti-authoritarian, but they also seem to lean right as well. Mind taking this poll and sharing it?

@wjmaggos Most of my adult life I thought I was to the left, but now I don't even know what the left is and I don't know which option to choose! I guess I am still to the left of center.

@wjmaggos I like Jonathan Haidt!

I wonder what it means that I am a combination of the foundations. Probably everyone is to an extent. I think I value justice more than tradition.


The left is concerned most about CARE and FAIRNESS, the right cares about all 5 basically equally. Since I'm generally left and not big on LOYALTY, AUTHORITY and SANCTITY...makes perfect sense to me, but the new authoritarian lefties don't make any sense to me.

@wjmaggos I just got to the part of the article says that about conservatives. I think I am the same as you. I care more about care and fairness than the other three, but I do care about them too. Which kind of makes sense because I've never been very far to the left.

The authoritarian lefties are completely bizarre! Makes no sense at all.

@wjmaggos NA people exist on the real spectrum. The mainstream has been transitioned to the new spectrum, neo-conservatism to neo-liberalism. Which isn't actually a spectrum because the positions are basically the same, the only difference is in framing the shitty things they want to do as something a real conservative or liberal would want.


I think you're right about the mainstream spectrum, although I think the opposite of conservatism should be called progressivism. It's a fake spectrum that serves the donor/corporate class.

But regarding NA people and the real spectrum, do you think they fall all along the spectrum or are they clumped much more towards the right, as is my perception?

@wjmaggos I think your perception is accurate but only because people you would identify as progressives have been successfully shifting the idea of the "political center" leftward.

I see the true left/right dichotomy as being about loosening or maintaining traditions that constrain peoples behavior. We are at the point of traditions like having police to enforce the law being in question. I think a lot of the NA audience were comfortably on "the left" while supporting positions like having police. Now the popular understanding of the political spectrum has shifted under them so that by contemporary standards they are deemed "right wing."
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When one understands that Leftism is simply the political arm of egalitarianism, and that conservatives decline to be egalitarians, all makes sense.
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