What do you guys think about the crowd moving to I fucking hate it. I hate that they don't realize that they could kill by having the Trump campaign start a server and teach people about how the works. Does anyone know more about the people behind Parler and the business model? Thanks.

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maybe, am i construct in your head or are you one in mine?

i dunno if i want the fediverse being rekt just yet by the endless awful garbage that's posted on the bird and bag dumpster fires.

maybe we just force those people to stay over there in their play pen as they demand their basic freedoms be stripped.

its like rather than simply npcs, we're dealing with some kind of brain damage masochists

>yes master swell my amygdala!
>i've been so bad thinking for myself!

@wjmaggos Why would MAGA care about the fediverse? It's about the most left wing globalist technology around.


please explain because imo:

it's basically the closest we'll ever come to the libertarian dream, outside of a virtual reality built on bitcoin that doubles as oxygen & an IV drip. everybody can have their own separate community and decide if/how it interacts with anyone else. zero externalities.

I would be a libertarian if I thought this was possible in the real world, but instead I'm a liberal. trying to figure out the best way for everyone to live their best life.

@wjmaggos The creator of Mastodon is from Germany. It's full of Japanese cat pictures, LGBTQ debates, anarchists and communists. A huge amount of posts are in Spanish, German, Italian etc. Many instances immediately blocked gab when it joined the Fediverse.

@wjmaggos I agree that the fediverse is also libertarian but I don't associate MAGA with libertarianism. It's mostly authoritarian e.g. supports gassing peaceful protesters


I think that's true. MAGA is definitely more authoritarian than libertarians, but there's an element of overlap as they both generally lean right but reject the establishment. That outsider element is why I'd think they'd feel more comfortable here, especially once the reality of Parler having the same problems of any other communication silo become evident: somebody will make rules you don't like and then you have to decide whether to suffer a loss of expression or community.

@wjmaggos Parler is a wannabe Twitter and will suffer much of the same problems that gab suffered. I think it is an idea that Trump/MAGA is flirting with. Create leverage to threaten Twitter with: stop fact checking me or I leave Twitter for good.

It will never come to that because there's a strange abusive relationship between Jack and Trump. They hate each other but will never leave each other.


I know but do you recall early Twitter? It was all geeks. Tech celebrities were mega stars. But that changed quick when real celebrities joined. It quickly changed to look more like the rest of the world, tilted towards media/journalism. There's no reason that won't happen if people with big followings move over here, with the added effect that all the servers are separate. Current instances that dominate but block other instances will be like islands in a vast world.

@wjmaggos Twitter has a monopoly. No big celebrity wants to go from 10 million followers to 0 followers on the Fediverse.

@wjmaggos It's like Windows vs Linux. Most people use Windows because most other people use Windows.


I agree. That's why we desperately need the people with big followings on Twitter, but who complain about it, to join the . They could get decently large servers started here immediately, and they would get enough coverage that they could explain the value of our model to many more people. Especially people with networks of other people with big followings, like Trump and Rogan etc, would be very valuable.

@wjmaggos @InternetKevin I think #TimPool would have if he hadn't heard of #Mastodon (at large)'s crazy censorship policies...otherwise he would actually probably be here instead of #Parler


Getting people who think the moderation policies of Twitter are too heavy-handed to consider Mastodon and the when the default server is and is moderated strictly by the lead developer of the software, is tough.

@InternetKevin @wjmaggos not all of them blocked Gab, and there is definitely a right-wing presence in the fediverse, too.

I'm not saying the wider community wants them there, but there are definitely Gab-adjacent instances with regard to political values and ideology.


What's worse long-term? The dominance of social media by corporate silos or a right-wing presence on the ? Easily the former. The latter is unavoidable in the future I think we all want. Ask them to join us here. Be more inviting. IMHO.

@wjmaggos @alex @lain After reviewing the comment thread, a few thoughts:

* I am libertarian, I am MAGA, I'm on Gab, and I'm helping to create #Soapbox FE for Pleroma. How can that be explained?

* Libertarians can be MAGA because of a strategic view of how MAGA fits. MAGA is going in a direction that points toward smaller government. Smaller government translates into less authoritarianism.

* @wjmaggos is correct in the value of the big players moving to the Fediverse, as it fits the need to break Big Tech (corruption), break centralized power (resilience), promote open source solutions (trust), and to have a diverse, broad and dynamic conversation, which only the Fediverse provides

* Parler, Gab, Twitter, FB, MeWe all have flaws when you apply the corruption, trust and resilience measures against them

* People seeking to regain and retain their personal freedoms cannot afford to be collected, cornered, isolated, censored, shadowbanned. They need flexibility

* Civilization advances when a competition of ideas can flourish. The good ideas win and efforts to manipulate the citizens can be quickly stifled by organized citizens on the Fediverse

* Soapbox combined with #Pleroma currently provides the best potential avenue for citizens to migrate to the Fediverse, providing enhanced scalability and ease-of-use to the Fediverse

* I don't have any clout with any of the big players, but I am confident that when we provide a smooth ramp for the migration and word-of-mouth begins happening, that the great transition will occur

* Timing is everything. As Alex says "2020 is the year of Pleroma"

@wjmaggos Surely, exactly that scenario has already played out with Gab, right?


Started closed, tried federation, gone back to closed I think. Never had a huge celebrity adopt it. My proposal is that >1m follower account explicitly create a server and push it hard.

@wjmaggos Not sure if you're aware, but the "tried federation" expands to "they tried to leverage the fediverse to make their user numbers appear larger and got blocked by almost every other instance." Whatever you think of their motives, they got blocked pro-actively by just about everyone. All the large follower accounts in the world were not going to make any difference.


I wasn't aware that that was why they tried federation. Who would care about numbers counted that way? I dislike the blocking of whole instances unless they're clearly abusive. Don't you think someone like Trump or Rogan or the NYTimes starting a server could massively grow and help the ?

@wjmaggos Well their user base was small, so if you federate, it immediately increases in size many fold. You can then make all sorts of claims regarding how many users there are on the "network." Basic marketing and leverage.

Whether I (or you) agree or disagree with instance blocking is irrelevant. People who are not us, did it and will do so again.

@wjmaggos Trump, Rogan or NYT would likely grow fedi. In general, I'd prefer that to everyone being on Twitter (or any other proprietary platform). I concede that point. Mostly, I was talking about an explicitly right-wing instance such as Gab or Parler. Those would get instance blocked pronto. So they may in fact grow fedi, but splinter it at the same time.

@wjmaggos Quick note on Trump, Rogan, NYT, etc. They are not at odds with Twitter. They are not being censored and likely won't ever be. Twitter is where everyone is, so that's where they are. They have no incentive to change anything. They may add an ADDITIONAL network (e.g. Gab, parler, etc.) but this merely stacks on top of their Twitter presence. All of those people/groups really like large corporate controlled platforms, regardless of what they tell you.

@wjmaggos I think the Mastodon option is not visible enough and since there isn’t advertising around mastodon, people don’t know about it. Also, the idea of paying for social media or even email is foreign for most people.

I just happened upon Mastodon and I absolutely believe this is the best idea to happen to social media / microblogging.


yes, I push the pretty hard over on Twitter. I think the key is getting communities and media organizations with big followings to start servers and promote it. An outlet with a bunch of popular journalists would be great, but Joe Rogan is the white whale. I'm shocked that either big media or tech giants haven't tried joining the party in order to weaken the dominance of Twitter over news flow.

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