When conservatives complain about etc, they're hypocritically telling others what to do with something they took the risk to build with their own time & money. At least lefties do that consistently. Grow the true freedom network instead. Join the .

The technology that allows social media was developed by the government with MY FUCKING TAX DOLLARS. Then they gave it to private capitalist fucks who profit off of social media and collude with government surveillance of private citizens.



The issue has always been the deliberately vague and unevenly applied rules that are of course ever-shifting. People are more than happy to decide if they want to play as long as they know what the rules are. But when people are banned from birdsite and the given reason is *literally* blank, they are more than justified in complaining.

@wjmaggos The best example is when Patreon's CEO went on Dave Rubin's show and explicitly stated they would never cut anyone off for behavior off platform unless it was likely to cause harm. And then they proceeded to do exactly that, what 6 to 9 months later? As far as I'm concerned, this is fraud and probably would be legally actionable if it weren't the case that the costs of suing didn't outweigh the damage.

@wjmaggos If a restaurant had a sign that said "no shirt, no shoes, no service" and continually let white people in who wore flip flops but then denied service to a black man wearing them because they technically aren't shoes? We know how most people would feel. I dare say some folks would prefer outright segregation instead of the humiliation of soft discrimination. Fair application of the rules is foundational.


but my point is that that's thinking like a lefty. be nice, etc. isn't capitalism supposed to be "fuck you, pay me"? niceties are pure sales, and that's a waste of time and money when the demand is high and competition appears non existent.

@wjmaggos I'm pretty sure "fuck you, pay me" is something Robert DeNiro says in Goodfellas. I don't think anyone wants that.

As far as competition goes, there's a hegemonic process that stifles it and a serious first mover advantage. Only the neo-cons stick to their guns on this absurd free market absolutism.


we're ultimately talking about market failure, which many more conservatives and libertarians beyond neo-cons fail to acknowledge, in my experience.

@wjmaggos I think it's more of a defining distinction between conservatives and libertarians and libertarians will usually couch it in the not-wrong-but-impractical caveat that the market is not free enough.


very true. not the time or place for the examination, but it would be interesting to follow where some of those arguments go. that a "more free" market might lessen this problem but what would that mean in this area, etc. to take the arguments in total, instead of case by case.

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