@adam as to the donor's comment about your leaning towards Trump, I appreciate your response. my concern is that your coverage is creating a listenership leaning conservative/#MAGA and heavy on COVID doubt. I feel this change in "the community". I'm sure that's great for donations, but it could bias your feedback and therefore your perspective and therefore future coverage. your media deconstruction is still amaaaazing. just some feedback from a (hopefully still critical thinking) lefty.

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i dunno buddy, i think there are a lot of democrats set adrift by the party that has decided to be simply representatives of cunts and commies

joe biden calls for violence against a white straight man like myself with his lies, the dnc supports it, and then he does a bigoted thing like making only black women qualified for his vp pick, nope, i'm not supporting that nonsense, why would i? why would anyone? because they hate trump? wow shocker, democrats are hateful people


both parties and nominees have given us reasons to hate them. but what I was trying to say is Adam's comment about NA trying to balance the M5M Trump hate is good, but when people (foolishly in my opinion) gravitate hard towards media they agree with and away from that which challenges them, the current NA coverage seems to be cultivating a right-leaning crowd, even if it's unintentional. that gets worse as the shows get longer as we end up with less listening time for other shows.


i mean when all the m5m is anti trump, and you have to debunk all the anti trump stuff, it kind of generates its own bias

where's nearly the equal of anti biden stuff in the m5m?

i get what you were trying to say tho, but i think they look at it the same way they always have, that they break down the media, they dont shill for a party

its just hard to stay quiet about bs when its so obviously one sided, and that side screams about fairness and equity, as if they live that way


that makes sense. at what point does the M5M not matter anymore? they will continue to pretend like most people get their news from them long after they don't, both left and right. are we there yet? how do we end their ability to claim dominance without being laughed out of the room? I do worry that people are moving to sources with even less credibility. imo we need metrics we can all agree to judge outlets by in a transparent way.

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