The goverment will let you drink, eat, smoke and medicate yourself to death but you can't catch the flu 🤦‍♀️


The concern is over how we affect others, thus laws against drunk driving and secondhand smoke. COVID19 policy has been similar, good intentioned but overly authoritarian at times.

@wjmaggos @Mummabear At times? You must be joking. Seen the UK lately? Try say something about knife killing Muslims or anything non-WHO policy. The police will come arrest you immediately. That’s UK reality now. Anything constitutional rights has already been suspended in the last few years. The authoritarian COVID crap rulings has *absolutely nothing* to do with protecting others. Only useful idiots believe that nonsense.


I think there's a very easy to transmit disease that's not that dangerous but given large populations, can kill a lot of people. But cause of the other problems that lockdowns create, we need to focus more on hospitalizations & deaths & carefully open up more. Masks and distancing are a reasonable ask. We chose to have my daughter back in school, for instance.

What does it have to do with then? I'd love to see the "COVID control" people argue amongst themselves sometimes.

@wjmaggos @MartinJJ there is no proof that masks or lockdowns have and impact on reducing infections.
It's flu

@wjmaggos Every bit of real evidence, research and statistics shows masks and distancing are completely useless. So are lockdowns. It stops nothing at all. It doesn't work. Watch the video of the professor I posted before if you can't believe it.



Please link the video.

Are you saying Cuomo's failure to distance the infected from others in the nursing homes didn't matter? It wouldn't have helped?

COVID has killed more people than the flu ever has in less time. And cases of the regular flu have been much lower, most assuming it's because of distancing etc.

Unless everyone is lying I guess.

@wjmaggos @MartinJJ @Mummabear Are you sure it was a failure? Gov. Coumo sure did boost the death numbers by putting all those infected into nursing homes with weak, elderly people.

He could have put them on the navy hospital ship, the Comfort, which were barely used. But no, he to put them in nursing homes. Sure, we can call it a failure, I just dont think he`s that stupid.


@Baron_Rotterdam @MartinJJ

Investigate and expose any wrongdoing and prosecute as appropriate. But when we compare this to the regular flu in a normal year, aren't this year's results evidence that COVID is something worse? And aren't complaints that he didn't do enough also an indirect argument that distancing works? He can't be blamed for not doing something that wouldn't have helped anyway, right? Debate amongst yourselves, please.

@wjmaggos You are repeating dumb MSM memes. The fear mongering. Go look at the REAL statistics and conclude also the deathrate almost similar to the regular flu. Even WHO doctors explained this with their figures. Many experts do. I suggest you first go debate with yourself.

@Mummabear @Baron_Rotterdam

@wjmaggos @Baron_Rotterdam @MartinJJ no not need on existing data. The 2017/18 flu and previous years are higher.
They are no more expected deaths

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