We made this. I desperately want to resolve the different understandings of what went on in the 2020 Presidential election. I've looked into it. I think won fair & square. But for a variety of reasons, many don't. I want to resolve those differences, if at all possible.

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@wjmaggos most of the people believe what they believe because that's what their team told them to believe. You can't logic anybody around, the only thing that matters to them is team.

@wjmaggos Real easy. Do a signature audit, an address audit and an indefinitely confined audit in the contested states. If Biden still "wins" after that, many will accept.

@wjmaggos it would help to put real teeth into punishments for those who mess with election observers. Why that isn't a bipartisan issue just confirms the worst fears.

@wjmaggos If they had looked into the allegations of fraud none of this would be happening.

Fraud is a big part of US elections but IMO this was more obvious. So I don't agree that Biden won fair and square but 1000% agree with your efforts. It shouldn't be political

@wjmaggos there's no way he legally won. The difference is that as a contractor & technologist, I know how they cheated. This is all part of the plan and has always been. The sad part is in order for them to "win" the con has to be believed.


well I'd love to have a focused effort to get to the bottom of all this. organize and categorize all the claims and hear from everyone. until now, most people have been in their own media bubble and hearing claims in a very random way from people with incentives to mislead us. I'm a little more technical than the average person, a little more experienced with election processes, and a little more nonpartisan I think. that's where I'm coming from.

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