this is exactly the right take.

Alex is not suddenly turning on Q to save his neck. He has been anti-Qanon since the beginning because he sees it as a threat to his business, which trafficks in similar rhetoric. Alex hates Q because he does not control or profit from it.


I think that most of the people who talk about "conspiracies" for a living aren't interested in what's true. They're doing it to get paid.


AJ is king of the conspiracy media industry. He has the documents and the sources, as he likes to say. He was leading the fight against the Deep State and the NWO, until somebody claimed to be leaking straight from inside to the internet. And people believe it. He was their pope. Now signs are appearing everywhere and any goddamn member of the laity can tell you "what it all means".


1 - I think you undersell Alex Jones and his function as an entertainer, even unto the 'true believers'.

2 - As a business, which you concede by referring to it as an industry, I don't think either of us are privy to the quarterly sales numbers of Super Male Vitality. The biggest, most obvious hit to him was the Social Media Ban, which explains in part why he shifted to attacking "corporate elites" and looks super prescient right now.


3 - Like what is Alex Jones *actually* talking about these days? Are we watching/listening enough to say? The only times I've seen him in any quantity lately is when he shows up on Tim Pool et al. So I'm not convinced they are so deep in the same mine beyond hand waving of "conspiracy"

but this is just my .02

@wjmaggos I think this is important though because if we want to work towards a shared understanding as a society, which we definitely are not, we need to understand that these two things seem to be servicing different functions even if there are some formal similarities.

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