Shouldn't police be expected to try to physically restrain someone with a knife over shooting them? It makes sense for a cop to shoot someone who is threatening to take many other lives, but not when they can trade their harm for one other person's imo.

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@wjmaggos You want them to take their fists to a knife fight?


I guess so. Maybe they should carry batons for such a situation. Shooting is an escalation. Most people survive knife wounds pretty well, right? Especially since other emergency personnel know you are there.

@wjmaggos There's an old joke that the loser in a knife fight dies on the street while the winner dies in the ambulance on the way to a hospital

@wjmaggos better in what way? I don't think shooting is an escalation. Lethal force is met with lethal force


My gut says no, but for the sake of argument let's say yes for argumentation purposes. How many police officers do you think have the training on how to do that? Do you concede that it is extremely foolish to try to restrain someone with a 6 inch knife without proper training?


a recent Sam Harris podcast is about the lack of training, so I understand that. they should have that training. it's probably foolish but i expect the cop to survive a knife wound over a civilian getting shot.


A knife can cause a lot more trauma than a bullet. I think this sentiment is just flat wrong.

@wjmaggos @Johnny_of_the_swamp

You obviously have very little knowledge about the priorities of police!

But in entertaining your idea, it might be preferable using the baton and break the knife arm or give the knife wielding thug a concussion.

The statistics say that very few cops get killed by knives, but that is tainted by cops making the rational decision of shooting rather than letting someone with a knife get within reach.


So cops should just let themselves be injured or killed to prevent others from being injured or killed, is that what you're arguing?


I wouldn't use the term "let" but yes. Shooting someone savagely beating up on someone would be excessive, right? We'd expect the cop to try to physically intervene, right? But a knife is different? What about a bat? I just don't know.


So what happens when the cop gets stabbed, or beaten down with a bat, and the persons blood lust isn't satisfied, just send more cops?

This girl had a knife, and was about to stab another person, she was in the wind up screaming "I'm going to stab you!" How much more clear and present danger do you need to justify shooting someone?

If someone is within 50 feet of me with a knife saying, "I'm going to stab you!" I'm going to shoot them too, and I'm not stopping after 4 shots.

@wjmaggos that isn't how that works. But I suggest you try fighting someone with a knife then come back and give your results.

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