Maybe the reason you don't promote crap like vaccines making your arm magnetic or having microchips in them is because then people will also dismiss your claims about the virus being a lab leak. Why should Dems accept the next Republican presidential win?

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@wjmaggos I don't understand what any of these things have to do with each other.


weak connection but we have social rules about claims and evidence and trust. laws matter but this stuff is what really holds societies together. gives the culture legitimacy.

people get burned out on bullshit and antagonism. scientists and the M5M should not have dismissed the leak possibility as they did. journalism and the scientific establishment needs to hold to higher standards. but as a general public, this is what bad faith leads to.

@wjmaggos If the barrier to entry is "we can't trust anything that retards also advocate", we're doomed.


I think it would really help if we could know how many people claimed to believe these things. Did the number of flat earthers even ever increase or did we just hear about them or were people trolling us?

@wjmaggos While it would be useful to get that information, I don't know you could reliably do it because preference falsification, let alone the lack of an institution with enough universal trust.

@wjmaggos "Why should Dems accept the next Republican presidential win?"

They didn't accept the last one.

You mean the Republican win of the election in 2020? Yeah you're right they didn't accept that one

@NEETzsche @wjmaggos And before that, Russia hacked the 2016 election. And before that, Jeb! and the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election (also, something something Ohio in 2004). Though to be fair, I too still consider the 2000 election suspect.
@wjmaggos magnets and microchips are disinfo ops to distract

you have to have a little discernment beyond "huhu republican conspiracy theories are wrong" to sort the wheat from the chaff
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