Maybe we need a long public conversation about Israel between & Instead we just have groups talking past each other, believing whatever they want, mischaracterizing each other's positions, and reality for most being defined by audience access.


or maybe it's an insoluble conflict

two people want the same place


I think that's what a public conversation would prove, perhaps eliminating the justification for massive US support for them.


We support Israel for many reasons:

1. AIPAC/wealthy Jewish voters
2. Need for ally in the region
3. If we go away, Iran launches WMDs at Israel, and WWIII is a go

I am more of a "let the world solve its own problems" guy at heart, but if adhered to dogmatically, this policy would result in war breaking out worldwide overnight.

@amerika @wjmaggos Israel getting WMD'd would be a good thing, but Iran isn't going to do that


I view the present situation as collateral damage from:

1. Roman occupation
2. The Stone gang
3. Jihad

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