I appreciate everyone complaining about big social censorship (especially now that the government is admitting to being more involved), but if you're only using these closed platforms, you're helping them retain mindshare. People are forced to use them to read you.

@wjmaggos You’re preaching to the choir here. The people outside the Fediverse are ones that need to understand.

I can’t entirely disconnect from mainstream social media for professional reasons. That said, I’ve chosen to limit my usage of those platforms.


Yep. I try to post everything here and on Twitter too, to avoid the problem I'm bitching about. But I try to interact with people here vs there when given the option. I'm still on Twitter mostly for news and commentary from people like Greenwald, and to tell them and everyone else to join us here.

Fedi February. Beforehand, we get everybody to at least create an account on the & connect with each other. Then we get everybody to jump in the pool with us together. Game over.

@wjmaggos I don’t know that I want everyone that folllows me on Twitter following me here. Also for professional reasons. I may choose to start using a different instance for that.


yet another reason why this place is so great. we can have multiple accounts (with easy switching) with the same account name but on different servers that clearly delineate personal from work related and allow for as much connection between the two that we might choose.

@PhoneBoy @ggreenwald

thanks. I do follow another one of his bots, but obviously that doesn't provide the back and forth he's (in)famous for, nor the chance to someday possibly pretty please drag his ass over here.

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