well we disagree on facts then. all vaccines have side effects, but the vaccines are doing much more good (esp re hospitalizations/death) than harm.

more new vax vs unvax cases is function of math once you have a higher % vaxxxed. assuming 70% vaxxxed and no effect from vaccination, with 100 new cases randomly assigned, 70 would be vaxxxed vs 30 unvaxxed. so more new cases would be vaxxxed than unvaxxxed. vaccines would have to reduce infections by ~60% to avoid your "complaint".

I don’t think this is a “fact” we can possibly know @wjmaggos

“The vaccines are doing much more good (esp re hospitalizations/death) than harm.”

I have no idea if I would have caught Covid if I didn’t get jabbed. For all I know, I had it back in January 2020 (last time I was sick), before Covid was mainstream news or there was a jab for it. How can you possibly know this about anyone else?




yes, facts are difficult things. but everything I'm seeing points in that direction. what am I missing?

@wjmaggos @PhoneBoy @yourhero After being lied to their whole lives, people don't trust liars. (Not you, the media and the government)

I'm shocked.

@PhoneBoy @yourhero@mstdn.io

Cynicism is completely justified. What's not justified imho is varying your cynicism based on political leaning or what you want to be true and closing yourself off to alternative perspectives. The other huge problem is letting the cynicism lead you to give up on the knowledge project. To say it's impossible to rebuild a shared understanding of reality beyond the tribalism. That's a game ender imho.

@wjmaggos @PhoneBoy @yourhero Unfortunately, unless and until there's a reset, the game is over and the people lost. Everything has been so badly politicized (to the point that the whole idea that there's an objective truth to any matter is considered offensive to many) that you can't even start at square 1 until you wipe the board.

@PhoneBoy @yourhero@mstdn.io

I'm sure those in ascendancy appreciate that kind of thinking. we're only lost cause we're at each other's throats.

@wjmaggos @PhoneBoy @yourhero Yeah, the campaign was wildly successful. Dissent has been successfully suppressed by giving power to a few monsters who go around ending people's lives for speaking truth.

One social worker I respect just lost his career because he reported factually about a court case the mob didn't want him to. Just... poof. He wasn't even some famous guy, he wasn't even using his real name, they tracked him down anyway and ended him.
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