** CodeMonkeyZ BOMBSHELL ** Dominion Whistleblower Speaks Out – Releases Admin Password Proving Remote Access –VIDEO


Come on, this so called bombshell is a nuclear disaster. The left will have so much fun with this.

Any dude named ben who knows their shit can see this proves nothing of consequence.

The longer this audit process goes on without a positive outcome the harder the left and M5M will laugh and shove it in our faces.

Change my mind.

@hogihung Ron Watkins is a fraud and a disaster.

I truly believe that he is an asset controlled by the seep state to provide misinformation and to lure all of the Trump Supporters to the J6 false flag event.

I have no use for him. I have not watched the video and I may not even read the blog posts that are associated.



do you think he was behind Q? were/are you a believer in that?

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