So did I miss the nationwide riots that conservatives told us would occur if got off? That the media was intentionally egging on? That some shadowy group had again stashed bricks everywhere to ensure? Get out of your bubbles.

@wjmaggos Democrats have the whitehouse, so I presume the people who allowed riots last year don't have any use for them this year.


I don't think the riots were political strategy. I'd put that with the stories of pallets of bricks. Always willing to be proven wrong. I think the protests last year were more about their understanding of racism (and wanting to be with others during COVID) than anything else. As much as many lefties on M5M and the socials say that's what the Rittenhouse verdict proves, I don't think even most people who generally vote Democrat believe it.

@wjmaggos no, the protests were possibly about racism, but the over 150 days of riots and the fact that democratic DAs allowed violent criminals to be arrested and then released with no charges, there's only one reason why you would do that. You're doing it for purely political reasons.

They let black communities burn to the ground because they didn't like the president.


except these ideas originated before Trump and continue after him. it's magical thinking and political opportunism of a different sort. it's all about shortcuts to fixing the urban wasteland/crime problems. they are selling and getting elected on this "just have less cops and end the prison pipeline" cheap solution. cause investment and social programs and real alternatives to the drug war are expensive. politicians will always take the easy way out if we let them.

@wjmaggos There are lots of ideas are out there, but to magically decide that they're going to enact one particular idea at the exact same time they have a political figure to topple, and to magically decide they're going to stop enacting them the moment the same political figure is soundly defeated is too convenient for them.

I generally agree with your point otherwise. Even real investment isn't something they want to do. They will happily sign some bill with a big dollar value on it like they just did (to be clear, it isn't like Trump didn't spend more in 4 years than Obama spent in 8 with the help of Democrats and Republicans in congress and the senate, nobody has clean hands), but they refuse to do the boring nose to the grindstone work of actually making the world a better place.

I can't blame them to an extent -- it's not just boring, it's really hard too. You have to reach out into communities and interact with people, and people are complicated. Sometimes their problems aren't something you can fix in a day, or a week, or a year, or even 4 years. Sometimes they need help on a continuous basis. Sometimes you need to try to nudge them towards doing the right thing even though they want to keep doing the wrong thing, and you're going to spend a lot of time and resources on a person that won't get better despite that. And even if you do really great work, you're going to have a bunch of individuals who turned their lives around, and that's a hard thing to get re-elected on compared to "I threw 17 trillion dollars I stole from our great grandchildren at making things vaguely better!"
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