It's profitable to keep lying to the public because our institutions and we as individuals, do not hold them accountable. There is not enough real competition in the media space and we care more about being entertained and feeling part of a cultural/political team.

@wjmaggos Please tell me how I can hold them accountable in a way that doesn't involve force.


stop paying real attention to them. convince others to do the same. hold our own sides to the same factual scrutiny we do for those we disagree with. collectively build alternative media of high standards that directly competes with them. Greenwald etc could destroy cable news if he had a roku channel. all the people that complain about twitter could kill it if they embraced the fedi together. we have to realize that as much as we disagree, we're in the same game.


Stopping of attention is not holding accountable. It isn't how you would think of accountability in terms of a child, a contractor, a coworker or really any other sphere. Accountability means consequences.

And I mean I guess by "institutions" you mean media? Because obviously this approach does not work when it comes to rogue intel agencies, as aforementioned Greenwald would attest


all I mean by accountable is that they can continue to lie to us without cost. getting a factual understanding is not what we are actually demonstrating that we care about, even if we say we do. the exchange is our attention for them providing something worth it. the only consequence possible would be them losing it.

by institutions, I just mean their employers and whatever structure helps get their message to us. that which could cut them off, but doesn't.


> the only consequence possible would be them losing it.

I'm thinking asset seizure would *also* be a consequence.

Either way the problem with this is it is a giant game of prisoner's dilemma. This strategy hinges on there being some critical mass. But it doesn't matter if 99.9% of the population ignores Fox/CNN as long as the people in the White House do.


but the WH etc is starting to also care about what's going viral on Twitter. progress?

@wjmaggos It's not lack of competition. There's plenty of competition--but hardly anyone is listening. We have the crappy media we have because We The People don't want better.


we want "journalism" to serve a different function. we want "politics" to serve a different function. entertainment, not understanding reality or helping us think more critically. it might be similar to the complaints about social media censorship from the people who have negative interest in the fedi etc.

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