The big news is not that has , it's that he says he has it for a second time, which says is impossible. It would be a lot easier to talk about this pandemic if the skeptics were a bit more consistent on key points amongst themselves.

@wjmaggos I didn't watch that doc but did he say it was impossible even with variants? The Cron seems like it's reinfecting just about everybody, though likely previous infection (or vaccine) makes it easier going.

@wjmaggos The skeptics really irk me though you're right. I don't mind inconsistency so much because we should all be exploring different ideas. What I'd like to see is some damned humility. They seem to be motivated by wanting to outsmart the masses. And/or not be left behind being blue pilled when all their cool friends got red pilled.

Of course they're going to convince themselves they were right all along. They'll forget inconvenient details like the one you just mentioned.

@wjmaggos i would have to go back and listen (are you referring to the rogan interview?). I thought he said it is highly unlikely, pretty much impossible BUT….. omicron is still new… i could be wrong but I thought he left wiggle room. I listen when that comes up cuz i had covid a year ago. I think i got omicron but did not test for it. I stayed out of the public and didnt want to stand in line with a bunch of sick ppl…


on JRE, he said it was impossible. Joe disputed that and the doc said they must have had bad tests etc. Beck says it's not omicron but who knows.

I think it's all gray and the inconsistency only bothers me from people who claim they know more than they can & when it's pretty clear it's less about improving public dialogue than their own aggandizement.

most skeptics seem more focused on using COVID to attack the M5M than they care about spreading the best understanding.

@wjmaggos @ill_logic That is a problem - “they all claim they know”…. We should be conducting tests on theories and ideas and honing in on the answers…. Try things out. OR is saying cannibus compounds might help! Go figure. You dont know unless you try.
I fell for M5M BS but quickly got back on track that covid was not a killer based on real life. Friends were getting it and LIVING, not dying. Of the 60+ ppl i know who got c19 none vaxd, only 1 was in the hosp for 8 days. ALL SURVIVED.


it's just also hard for humans to balance the idea that something can be probably not a big deal in your personal circle with the fact that taken to huge populations, it can still be a serious concern. we're just not evolutionarily designed to think about big numbers and statistics.

@wjmaggos @ill_logic fair enough. I think and live local. Take care of yourself and yours and it flows from there. If more ppl ate better and took care of their bodies and minds then c19 might not have had such an effect on the world. Why do pple have 4 comorbidities? Sure, some ppl will but why so many? Why was krispy creme giving out doughnuts for proof of vax. Education is key and censorship has no part in education.


I agree that a focus on health is lacking but eating more crap is what corporations with the extra money to run ads will always push. Free donuts are at least a way to appeal to exactly the demographic most likely to have problems w/o a vax. Totally agree education and zero censorship is key. But then also media decentralization, valley for value funding and a better culture of critical thinking and dialogue.

@wjmaggos @ill_logic i hear ya and appreciate your insight. This is the reason i like this platform. Even though ppl think alike they can still learn from one another, expand the knowledge. Opposite thinking ppl should always be able to learn from each other- opp thoughts bring on questions easily. this platform has so many smart and talented ppl that you have to learn something new every time you log on.
Cheers! Im off to save the world- kidding. Its time to get back to work on the house.

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