Isn't just describing the here? Is it really possible he doesn't know about it? His groups are like our servers, small and locally moderated with an incentive to maintain a good reputation. But where it's easy to switch. Hmm...

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@wjmaggos That was an amazing effort to not say anything about the Fediverse while describing it.

I think it's because Lanier is trying to bridge data capitalism with privacy. Have his cake and eat it, if you will. Silicon valley thinks that's hot, because they promise their customers privacy without having a real plan.

In this article he plugs his data trusts idea again. It isn't compatible with the Fediverse, because here we don't regulate adtech and surveillance, we don't want any of it.

@wjmaggos Well, does he know the fediverse? Have someone told him?

@wjmaggos Yeah except he was talking about groups formed by free association, not ruthless authoritarian capitalism like on the Fediverse.

Yeah, groups formed by free association on the same platform.

@MrFrog give 100
Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

@MrFrog give 200

@wjmaggos "I say, test these ideas. Let’s find out." Totally, Jaron. I really hope someone does one day

@lurker @wjmaggos Jaron is an example of someone I should have judged by their words and not their mannerisms.
Maybe I got strong RMS vibes.
Anyways, he inspired me to start my solo instance and completely weed out ads from my life.
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