If gun restrictions make you a "soft target" and gun restrictions "don't stop criminals from getting guns", shouldn't the countries that enacted stricter gun restrictions have suffered more gun deaths per capita than the United States? Maybe they are misinformed or lying.


Depends on supply. Many of them are as diversity rises, like Sweden

No, the conclusion doesn’t follow from the premise. First off, we’re talking about a country that has always had very high rates of gun ownership, with a strong tradition of independence, and where access to guns is a constitutional right just like freedom of speech.

You can’t restrict guns enough to where a prospective mass shooter can’t get their hands on one without also restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners to have them, so you can’t pass gun control strict enough to try to deal with the problem that way.

What you can do, and what we have done, is pass limited gun control measures, some of which are counter-productive. The easy example is the ban on possession of guns at school, which makes schools a gun-free zone that a mass shooter can target and be reasonably confident there won’t be anyone shooting back, at least until the police arrive.

That’s what people are talking about when they say “soft targets”. It’s mostly an American thing, because we have high rates of gun ownership and a right to continue to own them. You would need a huge majority of the population in favor of repealing 2A before you could actually change that, and you’re just not going to get that majority.

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