Dear conservatives and libertarians, there are decisions made throughout an economy that have an effect on who wins and who loses, not just at the Federal Reserve. And while different choices can be made, they are mostly unavoidable. This isn't deism. It's democracy or oligopoly.

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there are lying abusers, but also every relationship has ups and downs. do you think govt does more bad than good for most people? Is it outside of our ability to improve? I think the anti govt mentality only really helps the wealthiest. You can be pissed about what it does but then you should be desperate to change it, not disengaged. The idea that we'd all be overall better off without govt is a complete myth.

I think ideally a government *could* do more good than bad, but often times over a long enough timeline that reality fails to be actualized.
💯 this is actually the problem with activism too I've come to realize. Almost any activist organization that makes a name for themselves becomes a target for subversion/infiltration
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If the structure of the institution is replicated inside the mind of each member, you can corrupt it and they will fix it. America is this.

So to attack America you have to undermine the people. The enemies of America are trying but it is a battle.

If the people are ignorant to the correct structure of the institution, they can't fix it. Overthrow is easy. Russia, China, authoritarian countries are weak in the long run.

@wjmaggos @Hyolobrika Conversely, the idea that if we just love him enough then he will change is also a complete myth. When you change the government, you have to be willing to change the government, not just change your relationship with it hoping the same system won't screw you over again. Going without government might help the wealthiest, but any government we permit must not reward abusers with no consequences, or else it only leads to ruin.

@wjmaggos I'm more of a Micheal Malice type politically but without the intelligence to defend my beliefs.


he blocked me cause I highlighted when Rogan mocked his idea of what ancapistan would look like.

I'm not clear on what you are getting at.

Are you saying it doesn't matter if the fed meddles because the free market would have come to the same conclusion?


I'm saying that any attempt at a large complex free market is doomed to perversion by the biggest players. It will not maximize the public interest (the invisible hand ideal) for long. No government and bad government are both worse than good government, and there's a lot of money to be made convincing us the third option is impossible. That won't leave anybody with disposable income for propaganda machines.

Like the fedi vs web3. There's very little profit in what we're doing here.

I'm in favor of laws that favor decentralization for those reasons: small businesses and decentralized solutions should be prioritized wherever possible.
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