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yes, the world can get hotter while your home gets cooler.

imagine the opposite, greater inequality in the world but less in the US. would you argue that would mean we needed to do something domestically?

@wjmaggos @Wanyo I'm not even saying inequality is bad, I happen to think that inequality can be a sign of a healthy economy. I'm just saying that inequality continues to decline but people either aren't noticing or don't care, because "civil rights" and "activism" are career paths now so there's always gotta be something to complain about

@wjmaggos When your philosophy is about tearing down people at the top rather than raising up people at the bottom, you've succumbed to a "crab in a barrel" mentality.

@stevefoerster @wjmaggos What if the top is actively trying to make you stay at the bottom? What if it is impossible for us to raise the people at the bottom because the top exists and forces us to stay there?

Also, getting rid of the top means raising everyone at the bottom.

@oklomsy @stevefoerster

I concede that Tupac's framing isn't great but in every society, choices get made that allows some greater status than others. There's no true free market where these people fully earned their position. I think some economic inequality is probably useful, but what we have now perverts democracy. Money means power under the combination of democracy and capitalism that we have, if only through propaganda. Progress gets stifled to preserve their lifestyles.

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