If the blockchain was decentralized, it wouldn't matter which crypto you chose. Like how it barely matters which server you join on the . The goal is profit, not serving a public need. Follow the money, then choose the alternative that actually works w/o the overhead.

@wjmaggos no there are severla blockchain and only the Bitcoin one is truely decentralized

then there is ethereum and the rest is shit


please explain how Bitcoin is decentralized. if we each had our own crypto coin and we could exchange it with anyone else for products/services and somehow the network managed that and did so fairly, that would be decentralized.

@wjmaggos you just described Bitcoin and Bitcoin never leaves the chain you just change ownership,

but i encourage you to start your own coin and see how it plays out


Bitcoin is no more decentralized than USD. The only question is who gets to fuck with its exchange value. And as we're seeing with the Fed, at least when there's massive inflation, someone can take action and political pressure automatically comes into effect to do so.

@wjmaggos true and the exchange value is discovered in pure market operations


but you're not addressing my argument that it's not decentralized. and if Soros can manipulate other currencies, what protects Bitcoin?

@wjmaggos it is easy to be decentralized when USD is absolut central.Defense is Demand and Diamond Hands Hodler

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