he is my rep. he had two daughters, the one who just died and the younger one that tweet referenced. the one my daughter knows. so assuming they both took it and you can just make bullshit inferences about cause of death, what does it mean that only one of them are dead?

@wjmaggos it just means the other one was probably slightly healthier to handle the poison of the vaccine. Also to say a politician represents you only lowers the bar for your existence in this world. I wouldn't say that kind of stuff to people so flippantly.


I think you're a better person than you pretend to be. I think that's true of most of the people that constantly post the same biased crap on here. They apply much more logic to their personal lives than they do to their political thinking. Some day, you won't need to find your sense of community from tribal meme love.

@wjmaggos @furgar
>They apply much more logic to their personal lives than they do to their political thinking.
It’s literally just shitposting you moron. Effort posting is cringe and retarded. It’s actually oxymoronic to observe logic in personal lives but chaos in political thought, they’re psychologically linked; logic in one WOULD lend itself to logic in another

@Homo @furgar

I want to take over "the conversation" from the MSM. So that we can have attention democracy. Having the best arguments and smartest voices truly get heard. But that only happens if most people use decentralized social media, and that only happens if it's less of a shit hole. And excessive blocking will make it not worth doing. So while harsh comedy that open minds is great, fuck the endless trolling.


Democracy is evil, it's just mob rule you don't want democracy because the masses are hypnotized with lies.


@furgar @Homo

what system is better? how do you know you're not hypnotized with lies?

@wjmaggos @Homo
The more decentralized the power the better that way if I am wrong the damage I can cause is limited. If we were more like the thirteen colonies it would be more hard to have forever wars and murder millions of people. I have never agreed to these wars and they okayed by criminals who were pretending to represent me. I may be hypnotized but it doesn't seem like it because I have a hard time zoning out to the boob tube.

@wjmaggos @furgar
>what system is better?
Any system derived from natural law, the greatest first principle; Any form of government with unimpeded hierarchy. Such as monarchism, a system of government that inherently venerates man and god. To be an enemy of monarchy is to be undereducated on its merits- because almost all (modern) criticism of monarchies are critical of a time Period of monarchy’s that we don’t live in anymore. Monarchies can be built in such a way as to leave rulers and subjects happy to have each other and in such a way tyranny is a greater pain than being content

I’m not particularly interested in any feedback from anyone who hasn’t read hoppe, especially his free book


If you’ve read Hobbes’ leviathan, or the prince, or rothbards anatomy of the state; and you’ve read hoppe- and have a legitimately good first principle, then monarchies make perfect sense especially the further you get from CIA propaganda
@wjmaggos @furgar this is a cope position. You KNOW nobody is that discerning. You know politics is too divisive always has been and always will be. You hide your idealistic view of reality just a tiny bit behind what is not actually possible so you don’t have to think about the fact your sacred cow democracy has been terminally retarded from day 1
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