Gun people love guns cause they are really good for shooting bad guys, but somehow if they were harder to get, bad guys would find other ways to just as effectively kill good people. Not tools but magic items. Worthy of worship. Whose use is a right bestowed by a god.

@wjmaggos I hope you get raped to death by a pack of niggers, so that people with a higher IQ can look at your prolapsed corpse and go "bet he died wishing he had a gun".

@wjmaggos making it more difficult to get funds legitimately does nothing for the greater number of criminals who get their guns illegitmately. It's a net loss of security and enables a net gain in tyranny.

@coldacid @wjmaggos
They can’t keep illegal drugs out of prisons, but I’m supposed to believe they can keep guns or any other deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals on the streets? Why are there so many gun deaths in Chicago?

@CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid @amerika

IDK but they manage it in other countries. Chicago is next to Indiana. I admit that Mexico is a problem on this issue.

@wjmaggos @coldacid @amerika
A sufficiently authoritarian government can do it.
Why is it that countries that have next to no guns and gun violence still have murders? Why do some of them have “no-go” zones where even the police don’t want to go?

People can kill people with their bare hands, but this favors the strong at the expense of the weak. Guns are equalizers; among the the people, and the people to government.

@CliffordTheBigRedDog @wjmaggos @coldacid

I would prefer that we have an armed society.

Bad guys are not going away, nor are the guns.

Making guns illegal seems to make mafias more powerful:

@wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

I'll grant you that parts of Indiana are scary AF, but the deal with Mexico is that it's a wide-open border to the third world, with Brazilian gun plants not that far away.

@wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid @amerika

They manage lots of guns too.

We know all Chicago guns are from IN?

What is NY, LA, Baltimore, and Oakland’s excuse?

If border carry trades are used as an excuse the source should have higher rates and doesn’t bode well when guns are durable goods and our borders have proven permeable to non-durable goods like drugs and alcohol. Meaning non-durable have to have more smuggling infrastructure for the constant need.

@average_random_joe @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

LA is right above Mexico. Oakland is a short drive from LA.

I don't know how NY manages it other than the sheer volume of organized crime.

@amerika @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

But Orange County between Mexico and LA doesn’t have that issue even a little. Phoenix is a quicker drive and doesn’t have it. Las Vegas doesn’t either and also closer and filled with villainy. DC and Baltimore? Portland is starting to have massive crime serges and is almost about as far from Mexico as anything else in the US.

The problem is moral and societal decay. And it isn’t a race thing it is a loss values everywhere

@average_random_joe @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

Orange County is wealthy. No need for gang warfare or organized crime there. Same with most of San Diego, although there are dodgy parts. Phoenix has its fair share of crime but most of it is tacitly tolerated because the city is still expanding; people simply move away. Portland is still on that corridor up from LA.

Societal and moral decay is caused by individualism and diversity.

@amerika @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

LA is incredibly wealthy. So is Chicago. The common thread in the terrible areas is not individualism but just the opposite. They are all welfare and high tax areas. Most of the violence is by collective gangs and corruption is rampant which is facilitated by collectivism. Orange County is extremely diverse color/race. Diverse values are bad

Individualism areas don’t have these issues.

Unless you are defining that differently?

@average_random_joe @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

Individualism means me-first which is how you get high tax areas that buy off the poor instead of tackling the problem.

Diversity is bad in any form.

CD says OC is 40% White, which is high for SoCal, and affluent:

@amerika @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

I agree with that definition of individualism. Socially I am a collectivist but governmental I am an individualist. All of the bad areas aren’t correlated except for having no ideological diversity in a really bad idea of governmental collectivism.

High Taxes is governmental collectivism and social individualism. Social individualism is how you get bandits.

Race has nothing to do with it. 40% white means diversity right?

@average_random_joe @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

In my view, race has everything to do with it. Different groups have different ways. This applies to different ethnic groups, religions, cultures, and races.

I agree social individualism is negative, but it arises from diversity.

@amerika @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

Race isn't definable. Skin color, continental or national orgin, religion, etc.

Different ways is culture and I agree to an extent. Anyone that has been married knows that even those in all the same cultural groups have different cultures. Diversity and tolerance is how humans interact since we aren't NPCs nor should we want that. But any truth can be taken too far.

Social individualism comes from a rejection of established social orders.

@average_random_joe @wjmaggos @CliffordTheBigRedDog @coldacid

Time to read the Race FAQ:

Very handy for losing the programming of a dying democracy.

I agree on social individualism, but this is usually called "liberalization"

@CliffordTheBigRedDog @wjmaggos because TPTB don't actually care about gun violence, they care about the threat to themselves by a society that can defend itself.

@coldacid @CliffordTheBigRedDog @wjmaggos when you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns...

Scalia on historical significance of 2nd Amendment

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