@wjmaggos not to throw accusations around, but you kindof sound like you believe sandy hook actually happened

@wjmaggos do you truly believe that Alex's lawyer accidentally turned over all of Alex's phone records to the court?


so you're watching. no idea but what's great about the legal process generally is everybody gets to make their case and there's pressure to tell the truth. imperfect but way better than people saying whatever they want and lots of people not applying critical thinking to what is said cause they want to believe it. and then that audience both helps them spread that message via repeating it or helping them fund the spread of the message. obviously this applies to the M5M as well.

@wjmaggos bro, the judge has ruled that the defense cant bring up past historically proven false flags, the judge has ruled that the defense cant play old video of alex apologizing and saying that sandy hook really happened, etc. It's a kangaroo court of the highest order.

@wjmaggos if it applied to M5M, journalists would be in jail as war criminals by now. Yet none of them have even been tried in court.


I haven't watched much yet but I can try to catch up. what time? what's that service you use again? I have a new computer that might work with it.

@wjmaggos i have a late night show with legit bat, we could bring you on for the 2nd half to talk about the trial. I havent watched much of todays part of the trial either

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