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Some SCOTUS nominees (by presidents of both parties) get lots of votes from the other side while others don't. This does seem to be going down in recent years but we can't know if that's cause of a change in the type of nominee or Senate or what. (best chart I could find, sorry)


Overnight, Dr. Adeline Fagan succumbed to COVID19. Another bright light gone too soon. At 28, her fellow obgyn residents knew her as radiating kindness.

To her sisters and family, I grieve with you.

To my fellow healthcare workers, please continue to be careful. She is us. 😥

Good point but these are all corporations whose CEOs are mandated to put the pursuit of profit and stock value above all other concerns. Until we change the system or boycott or invest differently, the names might change but they will keep playing this game.


That’s a lot of war crimes.


This 1944 CIA memo, on how to infiltrate an organisation and make it dysfunctional, is amazing.

Worth framing in the coffee room of every company.

ht @esportslaw

Watching Holy Grail with my daughter for the first time tonight.

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