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I am heartbroken to share this..the @NewsHour@twitter.com’s beloved long-time Friday night analyst Mark Shields, who for decades wowed us with his encyclopedic knowledge of American politics, his sense of humor and mainly his big heart, has passed away at 85, with his wife Anne at his side.

"Does the Constitution and/or the 12A give the vice president the right to choose the next president?"

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Friends, a May 9 thread about the scale of Soviet losses in World War Two.

You cannot understand why Victory Day is the most significant secular holiday in Russia without getting a sense of just how much the Soviet Union lost in the Nazi-Soviet War. (1/N)


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I know she's been demonized by right-wing media to the point of caricature, but @IlhanMN@twitter.com is easily the most independent-minded and principled Squad member, arguably the most independent in the Dem caucus. Among other things, she:

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