I think that in the same way that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones, Benny Hill became @Johncdvorak. Prove me wrong @adam.

With taking a week off after today, there's gotta be a picture of @adam from an MTV spring break to work into the upcoming art...

So @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com needs to flip 3 states. Wasn't the evidence about the corrupt Dominion voting machines supposed to be released yesterday @SidneyPowell1@twitter.com? "C'mon, man."

Wow. Thank you @adam for calling out the NPCs (including a ton of your producers) for freaking out () about , most of them never having seen it.

I figured it out and I'm sad. I still think the idea behind the is that the bullshit is everywhere and they're here to help us see through it. But most of the "community" listen to it just cause they like to rag on the M5M for being a bunch of leftists. Opportunity lost.

"White Fragility" is just another spin-off of the EST movement. Cultish brainwashing. As revealed by the . @adam
& @Johncdvorak. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erhard

I think there's generally two political spectrums: authoritarian vs liberal and left vs right. I'm pretty sure most NA peeps are anti-authoritarian, but they also seem to lean right as well. Mind taking this poll and sharing it?

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