The NY AG whose investigation just released a report finding engaged in regular harassment, is a Democrat. A data point against the claims that partisanship ruins everything. Institutions can hold it all together, if we make them.

Using and supporting decentralized social media () is no longer just an essential part of fighting corporate & government control now. Even just calling yourself a supporter of free expression now requires it. Put your follower count where your mouth is.

The federal government working with Facebook to decide what we see is defacto censorship, but when that's an option cause of the monopoly of attention, it's also inevitable that they would try to do this. Decentralization ( etc) is the only way out.

I still oppose anything like a vaccine passport but damn do I wish we had a more reasonable populace.

"Limbaugh called it the Four Corners of Deceit, the things you must not believe: academia, science, government & journalism." -

I support skepticism but it must be done with good reasons. We can't assume bad faith. That way lies madness.

When science becomes scientism or people are spreading CLREs, when they go racist or woke, when tribalism reigns or profit fucks up the media landscape. We know the proven rules for ascertaining reality and compromise. But will we hold ourselves to them?

Conservatives, progressives and libertarians have a disagreement about ends. Liberals, authoritarians and anarchists have a disagreement about means.

"The regime established here [United States] promised untrammeled freedom to reason, not do everything indiscriminately, but to reason. The essential freedom that justifies the other freedoms, and on the basis of which, and for the sake of which, much deviance is also tolerated. An openness that denies the special claim of reason bursts the mainspring keeping the mechanism of this regime in motion." -Allan Bloom

"Openness used to be the virtue that permitted us to seek the good by using reason. It now means accepting everything and denying reason's power." - Allan Bloom

A big part of modernism ("pragmatism") is understanding statistics. That societies make huge improvements for their people by properly considering the data. But anecdotes override our rationality with emotion, and make much better fodder for media attention.

What the scientific method keeps telling us is not what the religious left or right want to hear.

Maybe the reason you don't promote crap like vaccines making your arm magnetic or having microchips in them is because then people will also dismiss your claims about the virus being a lab leak. Why should Dems accept the next Republican presidential win?

The tagline of my weekly podcast Culture War Radio is " Are Worth Fighting For". This (again) is what I mean.'s was a huge inspiration, but I'm much closer to re the failure of the corporate press.

The alternative to a superficial partisan/ideological politics is not asking everyone to understand every issue/policy. It's just a level of engagement that leads you towards candidates willing to be honest about the costs & benefits of the policies they support.

While I think making it harder to vote won't do much to reduce fraud, the bigger problem is that a huge percentage of people choose not to vote. That's a total system failure and therefore not something partisan journalism wants to focus any attention on.

This is exactly why I say that wokeism is a threat to , just like the libertarian/conservative conspiracy mongers and anti democratic folks are. TY

The story is another example of why you need to consume journalism from all over and be a critical media consumer. Like and the Hunter laptop story, beware the hardcore partisan press and fight for an uncontrollable internet.

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