Most of our problems come down to human frailty and people acting in good faith but with different perspectives and competing interests. I know that's a boring view of the world and hard to remember, but it's true and much less emotionally taxing.

As far as English speaking countries go, it's weird to have our most important free "speech" advocate hail from Australia, being held in the United Kingdom on behalf of the interests of the United States. my ass.

Ben Mora: "Politicians should be seen as disposable."

Fuck yes. Political parties too.

I complain about a lot, but banning schools from teaching anything sounds like the wrong approach.

The center has long chosen to rely on hiding uncomfortable truths & winning arguments w/ propaganda. As the net has weakened their ability to do both, we face widespread disenchantment w/ the entire system. The choice is culture war or rebuilding our institutions.

It's weird seeing people on the right claiming the jury made the wrong decision to keep peace, while people on the left claim the verdict was the result of their pressure. So they kinda agree, with neither believing that blind justice was done.

You can be misled on purpose or by accident. Trading the first for the latter might feel better, but it's not enough. Bad decisions (possibly dangerous) will continue to be made. The imperfect methods we've developed around epistemology remain worth the effort.

Libertarians don't have a solution for big social. The market isn't naturally "free". The "first mover" advantage & "network effect" exist. I advocate cause good policy is flexible & realistic, not idealistic. Here, mandate adversarial interoperability. .

Yes, because others you don't like are using a service is a dumb reason to leave a SV corporate platform. But the opportunity to retain total independence by moving to a non-profit open source alternative is. These geeky things do matter.

Amidst all the talk about electoral reforms, gets very little attention. That's how you know this is all being driven by partisan concerns on both sides, and much less an effort to improve our democracy.

Publisher, platform or protocol? The first one is for people with trust issues, the middle one doesn't care about anything but your attention and their money, while the latter should only be used by those who can consume their media like a grownup.

More people better informed, engaged and thinking critically. That's the only sustainable path towards making life better for everyone. If you're not helping this happen, don't expect me to leave you alone. We're in this together and that's not who I am.

If you believe in cognitive liberty, you're a liberal. The word doesn't mean you lean left or that you're a market fundamentalist. The adjective "classical" isn't necessary. I wish libertarians recognized that their anti government obsession is its own ideology.

I'm bad at filtering out the people who care more about feeding the tribal demand for outrage, rather than having a good faith "argument" in pursuit of greater understanding. My faith in the public is inverse to my faith in anything else.

Under a democratic government, pushing for everyone to be able to control their own attention and think critically are the core freedom issues. All else is secondary.

The Constitution should have provided a detailed legal method for individual states to leave the union. We should add that as an amendment ASAP.

A politics of opposing that which you have no evidence that the other side even supports, wouldn't work without filtered information bubbles.

It's much more likely that you've chosen to consistently attack all mainstream media because of how that rewards you with community membership benefits, than you're a warrior for truth and reality just always falls on your side of the ideological/partisan divides.

Everybody understands the danger of media echo chambers of people they disagree with, right?

Pushing back against is the lowest hanging fruit in battle for a healthy culture where facts/ideas compete & the best go viral. Decentralize media, end algos/ads, sustainably fund open access journalism, teach critical thinking, encourage dialogue.

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