The "truth" is complicated. Objective reality is unknowable so all we can do is work through our subjective understandings together. We must want to know. We must learn the standards for decision-making & why. We must be brave enough to publicly change our minds.

Viva ! (and others I need to identify) give a bad name. They're fakes. They pretend to support free people informing themselves and thinking critically and accountable government while actually advancing US imperialism.

Didn't all those other nominees get hearings Haven't many nominees by the president of one party gotten lots of votes from Senators of the other party? In America, we give a fair hearing to the opinions of people who disagree with us.

Of course. Please push back on stupid propaganda like this no matter which candidate/party you support.

Would you say anything if you saw supporters of your party/candidate trying to illegally manipulate the vote? I think a lot of the people complaining about this most vocally wouldn't. They'd justify it in their heads that the other side is doing it too.

This is illiberalism. If we don't care more about the political system than achieving political power, the end of our republic is only a matter of time.

The worst part of being so close to the election is that somehow people are even more likely than normal to act like political consultants pushing/attacking candidates/parties instead of engaged citizens discussing and trying to better understand issues and policy.

If any of's supporters saw their child treated at HS debate club in the same way he treated on Tuesday, they'd have no problem with their kid punching the little bastard. Yet they laugh when he does it. We're broken.

No person, party, or ideology has the answers. But using the tools we've developed to better know reality & build institutions together, we can improve. My efforts are dedicated toward what calls "making better drivers".

was confirmed by a vote of 96-3 in 1993 when the Senate was 57-43 Democrats. There is no reason that a Senate majority of the same party as the president should be required to confirm a justice, if we believe in the public interest over partisanship.

We should want a consistent policy on when presidents get a hearing for their nominees & when they don't, understanding that not everybody in any party agrees on everything & that a need to compromise on who gets nominated actually leads to better candidates.

Try to think outside of partisanship. The norm (like number of SCOTUS justices) was that the president at the time would get a hearing for his nominee. 9 months out but it didn't happen. So it's a clear abuse of power to now have a hearing less than 2 months out.

I wish all podcasts and opinion columns were weekly. There's too many great thinkers out there and it's so important to get a regular variety of perspectives.

Finding the others. are worth fighting for. Thank you for this explainer, &

It's nice to get social media love but it's almost always totally predictable. Left leaning posts get lefty love and rightwing criticism. And vice versa. Actual liberals remain silent. I have not achieved my mission yet.

Unpopular truths need to be said, heard, spread & discussed. Otherwise, problems that could get fixed, persist or get worse. Wildfires are mostly due to not doing preventative burns etc so people aren't inconvenienced, not climate change.


Why is somebody considered an expert? Doesn't it come down to a trusted network of other experts recognizing them, with examples of why? Could we map all of that (and possibly any missteps) with social media, so that we could easily verify everyone's credentials?

Stop being so afraid that other people can't think for themselves that you become the authoritarian.

Either Fauci and were right to lie to us in order to prevent panic over , or they were both wrong. There seems to be an illogical partisan divide on this, creating confusion even now. I go with the latter.

Finding out you're blocked by old lefty friends and right-wing podcasting acquaintances. It's both depressing and somewhat of a justification of what I'm trying to do.

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