A free speech world just requires better crit thinking etc. A better media env requires truly decentralized social media & content supported by small donations from lots of people. We must avoid aud capture & others we don't choose deciding what we see.

Before the internet, mass media and political parties served useful functions. It was much harder to exchange ideas and organize. Decentralized social media (ala the ) and will move us beyond the structural limits of our past.

If the blockchain was decentralized, it wouldn't matter which crypto you chose. Like how it barely matters which server you join on the . The goal is profit, not serving a public need. Follow the money, then choose the alternative that actually works w/o the overhead.

What a lost opportunity it is that our greatest voices (and some of my smartest/kindest friends) refuse to truly participate in the public square as dominated by big social media companies because of how they intentionally feed unhealthy interactions for profit.

The decentralized social network will eventually win, once all the other alternatives have been tried and found wanting.

Isn't just describing the here? Is it really possible he doesn't know about it? His groups are like our servers, small and locally moderated with an incentive to maintain a good reputation. But where it's easy to switch. Hmm...

Would you be willing to pay $1/month to some of these big names (who think big tech censorship is a huge problem but seem to have no idea why decentralization is the fix) like Joe Rogan or Greenwald to use the ? Please share.

I know it all feels fucked up but I really do think we're improving. We're getting both more globally connected but also decentralized in our info/understanding. And smarter by dealing with our demons. It's the chaos of the birth of a better culture.

So @elonmusk@twitter.com's acquisition of @twitter@twitter.com is on hold cause it might not be as profitable as he was hoping. Doesn't this prove he's not really doing it for the public interest of free speech? But we more geeky advocates of decentralization already knew that.

Listening to the interview between @ggreenwald@twitter.com and @theblockchainsocialist. Glad Glenn gets the value of protocols as opposed to platforms. Blockchain is interesting technology but the is decentralized @twitter@twitter.com, working great w/o it. We just need you to use & promote it. Please.

Considering starting a genx.social server on the . How do I verify ages?

I hate hearing @joerogan@twitter.com spread misinformation. On 1793, he said @minds@twitter.com is decentralized. It's not but the is. That difference matters. People are having really dumb conversations and the culture is stuck in neutral or worse cause spreading misinfo pays well.

Nobody will win the culture war, nor will either side disarm. These conflicts are core to who we are. But the fix is pluralism. To recognize that we have bigger concerns and that they require certain norms () and institutional structures () to resolve.

Somehow @minds@twitter.com claims to care about free speech, went on again, said that re social media it's most important to be open source and decentralized, mentioned a ton of services, but never the .

Hey @joerogan@twitter.com, please talk to @adam or @Gargron about it.

I'm weird for wanting social media usage to accomplish more than entertainment and ego gratification (users) or profit and manipulation (advertisers and owners).

The problem w social platforms is the centralization. Were any server on the to try the "ads, algos and data mining" business model, users would switch servers without losing their connections. The lock-in fucks users for profit. @elonmusk@twitter.com won't change that.

The problem w social platforms is the centralization. When you don't lose your connections by switching servers, people choose to pay a small amount for the service to avoid ads, algos & data mining. These corporations know their business plan sucks for us.

Join the .

Stop caring about @elonmusk@twitter.com's personal life & what he says about free speech. Start caring about who's helping him buy @twitter@twitter.com & how he has tried to limit speech critical of himself and his businesses.

Then recognize no person or group should have this kind of power.

Social media is about attention allocation. We can all still post almost anything on our own site, but will it have a chance to influence others? That's what this fight is about. Via decentralization, that's what I want the people empowered to decide.

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