Imagine only being able to text with people using the same wireless carrier. Each company has its own rules that they enforce sporadically. People start to complain but instead of embracing the interoperable SMS standard, most demand government oversight instead.

If you're also still on, we've got another chance right now to explain to people why the is so much better. Just an FYI.

I probably take social media (!) too seriously. It really could be our always on, worldwide public square & how we finally collectively democratize attention for ourselves. So much potential, wasted posting obvious mean memes & endless RTs of tribal political attacks.

Good but I wish they would have mentioned the . casually mentioned having better control over people's information but called him on it. The only fix is what they said at the end, being more responsible as a culture.

Most of the people complaining about the illiberal left don't want to solve it, it's just content for posts/articles. Same w/ social media censorship. This bullshit doubles when they recognize that the only real solutions would impose an actual cost for themselves too.

Am I the only person frustrated that articles about are hidden behind paywalls and corporate platforms determine how much access we have to videos of the shootings? What a stupid way to have our vital public conversations.

New policy means people can RT shit into your timeline without the ability to post even a good faith response. It really demonstrates that we're nothing to the owners of that platform but eyeballs for their advertising customers. I guess I should welcome their slow motion suicide.

Great article from about trying to takeover podcasting, much like did to the open web. But there are alternatives: .

cc @adam

What's a good platform neutral word for a tweet/toot/FB post etc? If we want to get people to use & think in terms of the , we need a word for these kinds of messages that reinforces the decentralized but universal concept of social media use.

On Sunday, I discussed the , rap, popular culture, the Christian lifestyle and much more with @realcaseyrollins. Live again this week at 9pm CST.

When conservatives complain about etc, they're hypocritically telling others what to do with something they took the risk to build with their own time & money. At least lefties do that consistently. Grow the true freedom network instead. Join the .

Like I did in HS, I'm a floater..., socialists, libertarians, , establishment left & right. And regarding social media, they're all corporate idiot slaves. "Please don't hurt me," "Oh, I'll show them, I'll join the silo."

Join the .

Somebody should create a fake Parler server on the . Perhaps

In the future, it will also be considered very significant that the PodFather @adam went on the , leading many fans to eventually join the . Podcasts were a huge step towards a true culture of free expression. Decentralized social media is another.

Great thread on And whatever they say now, they know their advantage is long-term. Once enough people are using it & you've your community, they can do whatever they want & most won't leave. Just like, etc. The is completely different.

What do you guys think about the crowd moving to I fucking hate it. I hate that they don't realize that they could kill by having the Trump campaign start a server and teach people about how the works. Does anyone know more about the people behind Parler and the business model? Thanks.

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