So & will soon be discussing what the libertarian perspective on big social censorship should be. It would be nice if they had an understanding of the decentralized () solution. & servers?

It's not internet censorship. It's platform censorship. Open protocols are why file sharing is still a problem for our corporate overlords. Join the .

I appreciate everyone complaining about big social censorship (especially now that the government is admitting to being more involved), but if you're only using these closed platforms, you're helping them retain mindshare. People are forced to use them to read you.

Using and supporting decentralized social media () is no longer just an essential part of fighting corporate & government control now. Even just calling yourself a supporter of free expression now requires it. Put your follower count where your mouth is.

The federal government working with Facebook to decide what we see is defacto censorship, but when that's an option cause of the monopoly of attention, it's also inevitable that they would try to do this. Decentralization ( etc) is the only way out.


Back. They finally rejected my appeal but I then I deleted it (I mean they already deleted it but anyway). Fuck the magnetic prison this place has become, especially for people who care about "the news" and the dialogue around it. is going away. grow the .

The story is another example of why you need to consume journalism from all over and be a critical media consumer. Like and the Hunter laptop story, beware the hardcore partisan press and fight for an uncontrollable internet.

Hey, do you federate yet? Can I follow anybody on your service from my account?

maybe @alex knows...

Hey, you need to face the fact that social media will outlive you. That you're in a unique position at a unique point in cultural/tech evolution. And you know that this medium could be the democratization of attention, if you'd actually demand decentralization:

I know it's early, but is there any support for something I'd call ? Sometime before February 2022, help all your friends start a account and get connected with yourself and others. Then when that month rolls around, we could all try not using big social. If we do it right, we should have no problems cause we'd all be here instead. Followings maintained etc. Network effect no more. What do you think?

very true, but we can fight back. we can tell people about decentralized social media without algorithms (or ads or control by government or corporations). research, explain, promote, support and use the .

Outside of kidnapping etc, the internet means you can't really be silenced anymore. And they can only reduce your potential for being heard if we let them. If we use centralized platforms others control or accept others' framing of people we don't know.

The people developing decentralized communications to challenge big media/tech are the modern version of the ACLU. Our fight has mostly moved on from government authoritarianism to keeping free expression out of the control of corporations & advertisers.

Libertarians don't have a solution for big social. The market isn't naturally "free". The "first mover" advantage & "network effect" exist. I advocate cause good policy is flexible & realistic, not idealistic. Here, mandate adversarial interoperability. .

Absolutely But that's also why we need a strategy beyond services like, & Protocols not platforms. Help developers build decentralized systems & get people to use them. The attention big names can bring is essential to that.

Any technology that helps people break free of the control of government and corporations will be marginalized by the mainstream media.

Another fantastic piece. While I'm completely sympathetic to folks finding a place to write & get paid, he must know another corporate Silicon Valley silo isn't the real solution. I wish he'd talk about what's really needed too.

Hey, you know what algorithm works? Join the . Make the default feed LIFO but give us a tab that we can customize exactly like Reddit makes possible. No ads, no data mining. Be transparent about your costs. Let the market decide how much you're worth.

What are the best projects working towards a friendly way to monetize content? Thanks.

@peertube @gekkido

the is awesome but so far, it makes the video experience less than ideal. with video, people don't primarily want a customized experience. we do like subscriptions, but mostly we want to either go directly to a video or easily find a video on desktop, mobile or the big screen. and a lot more people only consume and never post anything, compared to other social media formats. before creators use it more, they want to be able to recommend the experience.

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