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the is awesome but so far, it makes the video experience less than ideal. I think my proposal would help a lot with that. with video, people don't primarily want a customized experience. we do like subscriptions, but mostly we want to either go directly to a video or easily find a video on desktop, mobile or the big screen. and a lot more people only consume and never post anything, compared to other social media formats.

Wanting @peertube to replace

We need mobile & TV apps, each w/ their own site. They should default search all possible video servers, filtering as they see fit but w/ an option to turn that off. No login necessary, login if you want.

Can this exist?

Hey folks, what's the best conservative & libertarian servers? Thanks.

cc @lsanger

Now do the .


The reason I have so much passion for is largely because of the model it demonstrates: a foundational internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity. This is what the internet wants to be, and over time, more of it will be.

Social media is both public square & a framework for "attention democracy". It can't be trusted in the hands of corporations or government. It needs to feel like the early days of the web. Weird, unexpected, dangerous, open to all. That's decentralization. That's the .

are you old enough to remember when you first found out you could get your own domain and host your own website and you could reach everybody in the whole world? you could post whatever you wanted. total freedom of expression. even social media can still be like that.

If had any brains, they would have created a server. And gotten to explain why decentralization is so important and promote it on Being alone in your own little bubble on won't work. Selfish idiots everywhere.

I do a decent job of getting folks with different viewpoints to interact on social media (my top goal), but it almost never translates into even one more follower on I blame them, not my scintillating wit. Life's slightly better in this regard on the .

The social media free speech dilemma fix is just adding decentralization. Keep the responsibility on users for what they post () but also mandate that they can switch platforms w/o losing the people/work they love/created (adversarial interoperability).

Hey memelords, can you jokers please create some shit we can post over on big social to convince them to move to the ? Thanks.

What's the best server for peeps? Parler seems to be imploding.

Did anybody else listen to on ? He says a lot of great stuff but then plays up the Internet Research Agency (who thinks we're in deep danger from Russia etc) and never ever mentions the . @adam needs to set straight on all this.

I need a Richard Marx gif. "" on the top. "I'll be right here waiting for you." on the bottom. Something I can post on Twitter whenever somebody complains about Jack etc censoring them etc.

The percentage of people who use an actual picture of themselves as their profile pic seems a lot lower on the than compared to big social.

Imagine only being able to text with people using the same wireless carrier. Each company has its own rules that they enforce sporadically. People start to complain but instead of embracing the interoperable SMS standard, most demand government oversight instead.

If you're also still on, we've got another chance right now to explain to people why the is so much better. Just an FYI.

I probably take social media (!) too seriously. It really could be our always on, worldwide public square & how we finally collectively democratize attention for ourselves. So much potential, wasted posting obvious mean memes & endless RTs of tribal political attacks.

Good but I wish they would have mentioned the . casually mentioned having better control over people's information but called him on it. The only fix is what they said at the end, being more responsible as a culture.

Most of the people complaining about the illiberal left don't want to solve it, it's just content for posts/articles. Same w/ social media censorship. This bullshit doubles when they recognize that the only real solutions would impose an actual cost for themselves too.

Am I the only person frustrated that articles about are hidden behind paywalls and corporate platforms determine how much access we have to videos of the shootings? What a stupid way to have our vital public conversations.

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