I'd love to debate @adam about "democracy", the point of the Constitution, SCOTUS, civics etc. I wonder if he even knows the Articles of Confederation ever existed.

Re & Ireland clip where 93% are vaxed & half of the 600 hospitalized COVID patients are vaxed, the "evidence is clear".

If vax had no effect & all else was equal, you'd expect 93% of COVID hospitalizations to be of vaxed people (same % as the population). But hospitalizations are 50% vaxed people. Meaning that while half of 600 (300) hospitalizations represent the 7% unvaxed, an expected 3700 more vaxed COVID hospitalizations are missing.

cc @adam @Johncdvorak

Today's art demonstrates my problem w/ the show's direction perfectly. Instead of just helping us deconstruct ALL media (like the glasses in ), they're now more about giving people an alternative worldview to completely switch to. IMHAFO

Is anyone in the NA community taking ivermectin (currently or in the past)? @adam or @Johncdvorak? Did you have any digestive issues? Thanks.

I know I'm only supposed to apply critical thinking to the M5M and not alternative media like , but my amygdala is exploding. Can someone explain how spike proteins acting like prions combined with shedding doesn't mean that unless we eliminate the threat of everyone with COVID or the vaccine, we're all gonna die?

I think that in the same way that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones, Benny Hill became @Johncdvorak. Prove me wrong @adam.

With taking a week off after today, there's gotta be a picture of @adam from an MTV spring break to work into the upcoming art...

Having read Zinn, it's an obviously left-wing take on what is generally taught to all kids in school. It should not be taken as gospel, but instead as an alternative perspective to what conservatives often claim is public school brainwashing (but never do re: the treatment of the Founders as prophets & the Constitution as holy writ). Getting multiple perspectives is essential. Complaining about others' work makes good content but what actually makes good history/journalism?

@adam: "Could you imagine if someone like me was partnered with me & we had just been all in on this with no pushback?"
@Therealdvorak: "Oh yeah, that's the @MoeFactz show."

And NAS, most podcasts on the NA stream & why CWR isn't allowed in the rotation.

@adam and @Johncdvorak, but if you applied the same rules to yourselves about not first complaining to the world when you see the media get something wrong, there would be no .

" will be over by early April. The is real. The is coming."

Tighten up the show @adam. Focus on the media deconstruction.

The only solution for all this media bullshit is gambling. All claims of what will happen need to be accompanied by a drop date, cash amount and registered on a neutral website somewhere. Can't we do this with crypto and a smart contract?

Your anger is justified but it's being intentionally misdirected. Toward conspiracy theories. Toward thinking government itself is the problem. That the same people who just want universal health care also want to end democracy.

Thread. I'm really interested in what NA "Dudes Named Ben" think of this thread and the affidavit. Doesn't including this strongly imply @SidneyPowell1@twitter.com can't be trusted? Maybe not, I'm not uber geeky. Thanks.

I agree that we should be focused on hospitalizations/deaths (not cases) in determining lockdowns etc, but @adam & @Johncdvorak confuse me by complaining about open beds etc and delayed services. Hospitals are trying to take care of COVID patients and other necessary procedures and put off what they can and let staff recover so they don't reach a state of failure. Especially now that the needs are so widespread. It's a hard balancing act. Please tell me what I missed.

BUZZKILL @Johncdvorak is finally putting the hammer down on CRACKPOT @adam. Perhaps now they will start deconstructing the bullshit in alternative media as well. Won't be good for audience growth or donations though, at least short term.

is all about shrinking your amygdala, unless you're prone to freaking out about dangerous vaccines and globalists/China locking down your life using and rigged elections.

So @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com needs to flip 3 states. Wasn't the evidence about the corrupt Dominion voting machines supposed to be released yesterday @SidneyPowell1@twitter.com? "C'mon, man."

Now that @adamcurry@twitter.com is podcasting with just about everyone, when are we going to get some episode somewhere with himself and ?

Wow. Thank you @adam for calling out the NPCs (including a ton of your producers) for freaking out () about , most of them never having seen it.

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