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Government solutions are as bad as we let them be. Most governors did not fuck up like Cuomo. Private solutions depend on incentives, sometimes good but usually as bad as a lack of transparency and competition will let them get away with. I'd argue big pharma is on both sides of this but that there's also a lot of attention and good money in telling COVID skeptics what they want to hear, true or not.

Closing gyms? Jump rope. Get some weights.

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when conservatives will only accept that a virus is real when it can be used to attack a Democrat

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because slavery tore apart the family bonds that conservatives claim are necessary to propagate the proper cultural attitudes for success personally and as a collective? I used to think this was most of it but now I blame the drug war mostly but also racism mostly in the form of systems like redlining slowing down the accumulation of capital.


do you think he was behind Q? were/are you a believer in that?

The NY AG whose investigation just released a report finding engaged in regular harassment, is a Democrat. A data point against the claims that partisanship ruins everything. Institutions can hold it all together, if we make them.

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I'm sure those in ascendancy appreciate that kind of thinking. we're only lost cause we're at each other's throats.

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Cynicism is completely justified. What's not justified imho is varying your cynicism based on political leaning or what you want to be true and closing yourself off to alternative perspectives. The other huge problem is letting the cynicism lead you to give up on the knowledge project. To say it's impossible to rebuild a shared understanding of reality beyond the tribalism. That's a game ender imho.


The DOJ said don't fuck with the records, and that's taken as Dems trying to prevent audits. You'd have to be a blind partisan not to admit that the same thing you're saying Dems did, Cyber Ninjas could do. In addition, what's the reasoning given for asking Dems to trust the audit results when Republicans won't trust the original results? Until you solve that problem, unless it gives exactly the same outcome as the original, it will only fuel more doubt.


yes, facts are difficult things. but everything I'm seeing points in that direction. what am I missing?


I agree it's not a great analogy. Got a better one? Maybe public nudity.

We are way past time for legislatures to make these decisions and not mayors, governors or presidents.


well we disagree on facts then. all vaccines have side effects, but the vaccines are doing much more good (esp re hospitalizations/death) than harm.

more new vax vs unvax cases is function of math once you have a higher % vaxxxed. assuming 70% vaxxxed and no effect from vaccination, with 100 new cases randomly assigned, 70 would be vaxxxed vs 30 unvaxxed. so more new cases would be vaxxxed than unvaxxxed. vaccines would have to reduce infections by ~60% to avoid your "complaint".


I just fear it's getting more centralized & will never be simple enough for most people. All we need is an open protocol that lets me use my bank's app to transfer $ from my account (me@bank1.com) to yours (you@bank2.com). No middlemen like Venmo etc. If that involves crypto, fine. I just don't see why it needs to.

And then set an auto transfer monthly, or tie it into my media app and divide up to creators an amount I choose based on time.


you think less unvaxxed than vaxxxed are dying from COVID?


yes, we need simplified decentralized money transfer. we also need gab to rejoin the fedi.


because it reduces the chance of infection and drastically reduces the chance of hospitalization and death.

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