Gotta love @adam warning people about @whitneywebb's fear mongering (and growing your amygdala) after saying that the vax kills old people like Colin Powell and everybody in a Swedish nursing home. And increases miscarriages etc etc.

"Wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft"

Or something like that.

If we just cut our military spending in half, we could have a $1.4 trillion dollar infrastructure bill every presidential term (at actually zero cost). Not to say they'd get what they want, but candidates could make their priorities for that spending part of their campaign.

On Trump's new social media platform, each post is called a TRUTH (instead of a tweet etc). From the people who call the corporate press Orwellian.

Everyone please grow up and join the .


a recipe for snowflakes everywhere till civilization is crushed under glaciers.


but you define at what point the results are tallied? generations of "the good life" mean little if it ends poorly? you don't think the opinions of any but a select few should count anyway.


if we all get to just make them up and we're going to continue to live on even just the same planet, how do you propose we won't be violating them all over the place?


better than starting that way. better to have loved and lost than...


what's that besides something defined by THE globalist org declaration? otherwise everybody has their own list, which we must compromise about. see above. rights sound special, like they come from god or at least perfect indisputable philosophy.

The narrative is always the slippery slope of government control. While many do believe it, it's the most simplistic propaganda of fear. Living with others requires compromise & the wealthiest exploiters won't do so w/o force. So they redirect your anger to a universal boogeyman.


don't most people want some but not too much egalitarianism?

I just think there's too many factors people want a different mix of, a wide variety of understandings of what's true/good, and that the personal qualities of politicians can matter a lot more than their party. our current electoral system doesn't let us consider any of that in a nuanced way when we vote. ranking five-ish candidates without a funneling process would do much of that without making it too complicated.


I do see a natural divide in people along the lines that moral foundations theory (care, fairness, authority, loyalty, purity) lays out between left (first two very important) & right (all five equal). but this only serves as very superficial branding for the parties. we'd be able think and act politically much more effectively if we could get these intentional obfuscations out of our heads. first priority being ending the electoral process that facilitates the duopoly always winning.

We think being part of a political party means something. But it's just self ID or possibly that you won a primary full of people who don't want to self ID as the other party. There's no principles or policies you must support. We're divided over nothing.

If you don't trust the vax, why trust the monoclonal antibodies? The same "experts" are telling you they both work but that hydroxy & ivermectin don't. But somehow you never see infected skeptics take ivermectin & hydroxy while refusing the monoclonal antibodies.


If you get into a debate, and you "lose" because you are willing to concede to better evidence and theory, then you gain a more accurate view of the world, so you are actually the winner.

@Djeep @amerika

being "educated" in the classical sense is much more important than being smart.


the logic is driving more safely will reduce your risk of accidents, but not to zero. And other people driving more safely further reduces your risk. while not getting in a car is your safest option, it's not a choice most want to accept. and if everyone did this, it would fuck up the economy and much more.

this isn't difficult to understand.

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