some assholes want to tell a story convenient for themselves and shut down alternatives. shocking. relax. let's all oppose this but not turn it into some last ditch battle for western civilization.

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This is my exact view of our insane level of political division, @ComicDaveSmith@twitter.com is making a lot of sense here t.co/1CsNnBrCAo

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The only thing holding America together right now are podcasts.


I'm a free speech absolutist, but have you never done something dumb, or even dangerous, based on bad information?

I would love a video timeline of the events of January 6th. Has anybody seen something like this yet? It could show what was going on at the same time, perhaps even overlaid with a highlighted map of Washington DC & diagram of the Capitol building. Thanks.


I hoped that this would help it take off more, like it has with NA. People would set them up for their own community, but the net effect of federation would be a real alternative to big social. I guess there's still hope.

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Get people here based on what they're already interested in. Then, unlike on closed systems, I think people here will tend to move outside their tribes. My hope anyway.


don't most people have mortgages bigger than their savings accounts?

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nobody mentioning liberdon.com or mobile.co? political parties and interest groups and journalism outlets should all have their own servers eventually.

Hey folks, what's the best conservative & libertarian servers? Thanks.

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actually making up your own mind is easier if you consume lots of opposing perspectives though, and that's easier if hosts and the people you follow on social media refrain from demonizing those other views. but being kind ain't cool.

I find it weird that people want more content from the same people. I get that you're fans for a reason, but don't we know that we all need to get a greater variety of perspectives? Follow them on social media & something like an article/podcast per week perhaps...


I agree with you about history and context. We disagree on edge cases. Some rule change could make a huge positive change for a very small group of people. At huge or maybe negligible cost to others. Never a clear answer, only good faith dialogue and democracy. Complicated.


why do you rightists need to WORSHIP everything? everything is flawed, that doesn't mean it's not awesome. I'm not interested in blame or debt. can't we just see life as complicated with changing perspectives and full of compromises? honestly, that's what this leftist wants to do.


treating them like property was not a failure of 1776? I'd like to discuss that.


1619 is full of bs. The US had slavery but it's not the founding concept. I think much of what people identify with 1776 is good but it also had to be improved upon. Just as the revolution can be seen as a justified response to injustice, so can 1859. "Fuck you, it's so unfair, violence is necessary". But also, we shouldn't make that decision lightly. And while both years didn't mark the founding of new rules, they led directly to them.


But doesn't bringing up 1859 show some of the failures of 1776? Perhaps that profit perverts even the grandest ideals. That we must always expand who is considered part of the polity. Which framework is more relevant to thinking about US foreign policy making the world play by our market rules, and how that might come back to bite us?

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