We don't need more mocking and denunciations of the illiberal, whether they are woke or MAGA etc. We need engagement with them about issues & policies relevant to our lives today, so that everyone can think through who has more workable solutions to these problems.


isn't it most likely this was placed after the shooting by cops to make it easier to inspect the scene?

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arm children to end pedophilia. nothing in the 2A says gun rights don't apply at every age.

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doesn't this prove there wasn't a grand conspiracy behind it? like "they" would just allow this to happen?

we are the dumbest country.


I think government wastes money, but it also does things that benefit all of us that would otherwise not get done. it also helps people that can't help themselves. universal health care would be a good idea but our endless military adventures are not, imo.

I would like them to take less from most Americans and more from those who can most afford it. the guy who makes $1b/year or more did not work harder etc than the guy who makes $10m. that was luck. we can heavily tax that imo.


yeah, I think that's mostly libertarian propaganda pushed by rich people who know they can rig markets and government unless the people think government can be a force for good, get involved and use it to their collective advantage. for most people, the biggest limits on doing what we want come from a lack of money or fear of some event they don't have the money to insulate themselves from. for the wealthy who can't spend it all in their children's lifetimes, it's government.


I was told that the COVID restrictions would never end cause they gave up their guns.


more cause it seems to make society safer in other countries. I don't think it would lead to tyranny as it hasn't in these other countries, when you don't take it too far. but liberal means I want to figure this out together based on our best possible factual understanding.


yes, they seemed to fuck up the red flag law, but we could make it much harder to get a gun in the first place. Heller is just as bad as Roe was.

Maybe pedophilia wouldn't be a problem if we didn't unconstitutionally limit children's access to guns. There's nothing in the 2nd amendment saying we can prevent babies from using automatic weapons.

Public discourse on the open internet is like moving to pickup games vs the NBA. We have to work out the rules ourselves & then abide by them. We're still trying to figure out what's ticky tack BS (cancel culture) vs fouls worth calling (lies, repeated malice).


I also think face tattoos are dumb. But retaining "the freedom to get face tattoos" has no negative externalities I'm aware of. The laws aren't changing and I'm not lying about what I think most people think about these gun nuts. So maybe talking about it will change the norm/popularity of this "lifestyle".


lots of people do. that's what Libs of TikTok is all about. do you not think that people get these guns and carry them around publicly for how it makes them feel, more than defense? and doing the shootings. all this is about psychology. the same people who say they need them for self defense point out how rare these shootings are.

ARs are for losers. These shooters (and their cosplay brethren) are dumber, more unhealthy & socially awkward on average than the person seen on @libsoftiktok@twitter.com. If you think these guns are cool, you're in the cult. The rest of us think you have a problem with your masculinity.

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