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Adam is definitely more open to push back than John (or many NA peeps in my experience).


We all have a biased view but via good faith sharing of what we experience, we can build a better and better picture of what's really "out there". It also requires using proven techniques to clarify our own view, figuring out which sources are generally more reliable, maintaining healthy and useful dialogue etc.

The "truth" is complicated. Objective reality is unknowable so all we can do is work through our subjective understandings together. We must want to know. We must learn the standards for decision-making & why. We must be brave enough to publicly change our minds.

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The trick to No Agenda and being well regarded in "the community" is to focus only on what they get right. So shh...

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So, here’s an irony: The “results” we get on election night are the results of *press organizations calling the outcome*; official certification happens later. So Trump is... demanding we abide by whoever the media declares to be the winner?


Trump is uniquely hated but it's happened many times in the past. It's generally known which judges are considered most well regarded & reasonable & fair, but they're not the ones that the hardcore political partisans/donors prefer. After not even giving Merrick Garland a hearing, no Democrat should have voted for any other nominee at this point. I don't support court packing but the kind of shit they just pulled is how you make it much more likely.

The best nominees show a dedication to getting the legal interpretation right over advancing any agenda. They get near unanimous approval, arising as a compromise made by a president of one party and a Senate controlled by the other. I think that's over now.

If you can trace your family member's death to either themselves or someone they've contracted it from eating at a restaurant, can you sue? Maybe we should let them allow indoor dining after they get the relevant insurance. No matter the cost, at least they'd be making some money, right?

What is an election year? Both Stevens & Kennedy were nominated by Republican presidents less than 12 months before the presidential election, and confirmed unanimously by a Democratic senate. Even their bullshit reasoning was bullshit.


so much so that they should have released it all months ago and let everybody make up their own minds about it and giving the Bidens a chance to respond, instead of only the worst parts now with their own framing as a political attack.

I've been forgetting to promote my last weekend's episode in the middle of the week like I've planned to. About to go live in 30 minutes, but I feel really good about last Sunday's episode with @InterestedObse5@twitter.com. Please check it out. Thanks.

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Long before social justice coined the term "micro-aggression", the religious right saw "Happy Holidays" as a micro-aggression.

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Investigate and expose any wrongdoing and prosecute as appropriate. But when we compare this to the regular flu in a normal year, aren't this year's results evidence that COVID is something worse? And aren't complaints that he didn't do enough also an indirect argument that distancing works? He can't be blamed for not doing something that wouldn't have helped anyway, right? Debate amongst yourselves, please.


but not the criminals who use knives instead of bullets apparently. I would like that here.

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including us? seriously, I'd love a standard that we can use to hold everyone accountable. instead, we tend to just dismiss the M5M & people we don't like, even if alternative media gives us no reason to believe them, consistently lie or get things wrong, all while demonstrating obvious incentives to exaggerate and feed our emotional over rational responses. it's making dialogue with people we disagree with almost impossible. nations don't long survive this condition.

If the @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com team really cared about corruption etc, they'd have released the entire contents of the more than a week or two before the election. And every one of his supporters knows it.

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