Show newer once sued for defamation ($5b) & lost. & all apologized on air re: election fraud allegations by . Now they're suing for over $1b. cheered cause now they'll get "discovery".

Good luck all around.


Fascinating thread from November about John Sullivan, the alleged “BLM activist” at the Capitol riot, who was recently interviewed (and identified as a progressive activist) on CNN, and cited by @brithume and others as evidence of antifa involvement in the mob.


By the way, Trump totally cucked -- didn't join the march as promised, quickly told the mob to go home, and then conceded sheepishly the next day. It's over. It was a farce. The real "threat" at this point is crazed oligarchs + politicians using the "crisis" to consolidate power

I’m glad when the tyrannical tech giants censor because it just highlights the need of the work we’re doing on the Fediverse. I feel confident that we’re building the future.

Fedi folk, get to work. Reach out. Seize the day. Grow this beautiful place.

If had any brains, they would have created a server. And gotten to explain why decentralization is so important and promote it on Being alone in your own little bubble on won't work. Selfish idiots everywhere.

Please don't invoke the (inappropriate) or impeach (unnecessary)


While I agree President Trump helped incite yesterday's events, I disagree with taking away his Facebook or Twitter.

This will only further incite his supporters, alludes to the "marriage" between big tech and the duopoly in DC, and creates a slippery slope regarding censorship.

@adam: "Could you imagine if someone like me was partnered with me & we had just been all in on this with no pushback?"
@Therealdvorak: "Oh yeah, that's the @MoeFactz show."

And NAS, most podcasts on the NA stream & why CWR isn't allowed in the rotation.

Last week, I talked a lot about the conspiracy machine, especially how quickly it went to work on the Nashville bombing. And why it's worth thinking about in regards to . Then, news and music. Live again this Sunday at 9pm CST.

Can the people who supported yesterday's actions please argue with people who claim they were all secretly antifa? Beyond misleading people into hurting themselves & others, I hate that conspiracy folk rarely ever dispute each other's incompatible claims.

I can't say I want these assholes to spend even one day in jail. I don't want impeached again. I'm sorry four people died. I just want a shared set of facts again.

Everybody is pissed at the government, it's part of being an American. Our job is to compromise & work to make it more accountable. But when you say that the presidential election was stolen, you don't give the people who trust you any real option except violent resistance.

claims today's events were "mostly peaceful". More than a hundred people with weapons breaking into the government building where there's an event occuring that they've said they'd do anything to prevent, because otherwise the republic falls. Sorry, that's a fucking threat.


These people who chanted "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" all last year are angry that someone who was BREAKING INTO THE CAPITAL BUILDING WHERE OUR GOVERNMENT WAS MEETING got shot?

is postmodern. They define their own reality & anyone who challenges them gets blocked or trolled out of the social media conversation.


Anarchists, Agitators or Protestors who vandalize or damage our Federal Courthouse in Portland, or any Federal Buildings in any of our Cities or States, will be prosecuted under our recently re-enacted Statues & Monuments Act. MINIMUM TEN YEARS IN PRISON. Don’t do it! @DHSgov

Not just a protest. They are trying to impede official proceedings at the . We lefties were trying to do something similar in Quebec City 2001, but got gassed & shot with rubber bullets. While the MSM leans socially left, this proves security forces lean right.

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