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It's great hearing John Waters on explain that his transgressive art was a direct challenge to the new rules of the hippie generation. Every righteous revolution becomes an authoritarian religion. This too shall pass. Thank you


Don't make an "identity" out of your current beliefs or conclusions. These should always be tentative and open to revision. You shouldn't make yourself vulnerable to having an identity crisis when you're shown to be wrong about something.

It's weird seeing people on the right claiming the jury made the wrong decision to keep peace, while people on the left claim the verdict was the result of their pressure. So they kinda agree, with neither believing that blind justice was done.

It's nice when my view agrees with the jury. Not that we're correct. But w/o a supreme being speaking in a voice we all understand, a continually reforming "justice system" built on the most fair principles and best procedures we can devise is all we've got.


Trump encouraged his supporters to get the vaccine again tonight. Still can’t believe he’s the chief promoter of this craven globalist mind control conspiracy

One of my brothers was a cop, the other a paramedic/firefighter. My politics lean pretty hard left but I'm tired of the one-sided policy prescriptions. There's so much more worth thinking about. To me, the core of this problem is the drug war. End it.

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The Chicago Way podcast: killing, Former police supt cop Eddie Johnson defends the cop. And veteran paramedic chief on washing the blood off his shoes before coming home. Hosts &

reviews the clip about how media is misinforming people to grow their audiences, but @adam highlights the left-wing crap while discounting everything called rightwing BS. Perhaps he's talking about you, too?! I swear they didn't used to be like this.


To be clear: I think COVID is a serious crisis - come to Brazil if you have doubts - and some draconian measures have been and are justified, but denying there's civil liberties concerns to all of this is just deceit.

Good mention of (decentralized nonprofit) but the article misses the real problem. Proving people are willing to pay for punditry will force a decoupling and hurt newsgathering short-term, but might force a healthy change in journalism long-term.

The drug war and easy access to guns creates a very fucked up world for the people living in these communities and the cops who work there.

Outside of kidnapping etc, the internet means you can't really be silenced anymore. And they can only reduce your potential for being heard if we let them. If we use centralized platforms others control or accept others' framing of people we don't know.

I'll admit that he's better when they stop talking about health care...

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I am extremely skeptical of the ability of public messaging to disaggregate "the J&J vaccine is under review as a precaution" from "the J&J vaccine is not safe and the others may not be either" in the minds of normal people. An incredibly crucial, high-stakes test for the press.

Gotta love when exposes bullshitters like You're no or, Danny boy. You're much closer to "all I know about climate change are the rightwing talking points"

I love social media as a form of "attention democracy" where we can responsibly collectively decide which facts & ideas go viral. But conversations can be difficult. That's why I host a weekly stream/podcast (no edits) & invite everyone on. Please join me.

The people developing decentralized communications to challenge big media/tech are the modern version of the ACLU. Our fight has mostly moved on from government authoritarianism to keeping free expression out of the control of corporations & advertisers.

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