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"Philosophy recovers itself when it ceases to be a device for dealing with the problems of philosophers and becomes a method, cultivated by philosophers, for dealing with the problems of men."

This is exactly why I say that wokeism is a threat to , just like the libertarian/conservative conspiracy mongers and anti democratic folks are. TY


If you respond to anything that makes you feel mentally uncomfortable by demanding the silencing of the person making you uncomfortable, you choke off your own growth. Most of the times I have become wiser, it’s been because somebody said something I didn’t like at first

The story is another example of why you need to consume journalism from all over and be a critical media consumer. Like and the Hunter laptop story, beware the hardcore partisan press and fight for an uncontrollable internet.

Hey, do you federate yet? Can I follow anybody on your service from my account?

maybe @alex knows...

Fact checking should be done in an open hybrid wiki/reddit format. "Claim made" at the top, linked to the piece(s) of journalism where it appears. Followed by sources for and against, then comments below where they can be voted up or down.

Hey, you need to face the fact that social media will outlive you. That you're in a unique position at a unique point in cultural/tech evolution. And you know that this medium could be the democratization of attention, if you'd actually demand decentralization:

Finished . Impressive filmmaking and an interesting subject, but I guess I worry that it gave a not exactly rosy but less than appropriately dark impression of homelessness. Glad I saw it.

Interests, if they are worth securing, are mutual. "Affectionate interpretation" is the means by which we understand how.

Wokeism (critical race theory etc) argues "knowledge" (facts & good arguments) isn't proven but just a result of who has the most power to promote ideas in our cultural institutions. Overstated imo, but it sounds just like rightwing critiques of "the cathedral".

Apparently I'm done with . Still love, but after he moved to, the app was a horrible experience. Then somebody came up with a tool to translate the show back to an actual podcast by outputting an RSS feed. That worked great, but now it's dead. Really sucks.

This thing is over if too few people are committed to knowing what's true, willing to be honest no matter the cost, or actually care about the public good.

Live now. Please join me to at to discuss the AZ recount, Wuhan lab leak possibility, Epstein guard false claims, Pentagon UFO tapes, jobs plan, Arkansas trans law or something else..

I watched this with my wife and daughter this morning. Good but fair imo.

Are there any Muslim democracies? This is the defense for Israel, that they don't exist. But that's misleading. No state can be both true to any religion and a true democracy. Israel is only a "Jewish democracy" cause most of their Muslims aren't allowed to vote.

Can women identify as men in order to go topless? Asking for myself.


I just found some mold on some of my mushrooms. How is this even possible? I thought mold and fungus were on the same team. This is an outrage!

Why do almost all of my fellow free speech friends have a blind spot for Israel? How is it that they can tell you all about the evils of China in regards to Hong Kong etc but not spare a word for Palestine?

World opinion is right on Israel. The UN has continually tried to punish them for their mistreatment of Palestinians, but the US won't let them. I'm so tired of the "freedom" propaganda. It will always translate to rule by the powerful. Humans have empathy. Let democracy decide.

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