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"Limbaugh called it the Four Corners of Deceit, the things you must not believe: academia, science, government & journalism." -

I support skepticism but it must be done with good reasons. We can't assume bad faith. That way lies madness.

When science becomes scientism or people are spreading CLREs, when they go racist or woke, when tribalism reigns or profit fucks up the media landscape. We know the proven rules for ascertaining reality and compromise. But will we hold ourselves to them?

I know I'm only supposed to apply critical thinking to the M5M and not alternative media like , but my amygdala is exploding. Can someone explain how spike proteins acting like prions combined with shedding doesn't mean that unless we eliminate the threat of everyone with COVID or the vaccine, we're all gonna die?

And while it's more complicated, one general election offers a vast improvement over the partisan primary process we currently use (and the divisive political culture it leads to).

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The episode with opens with explaining how the most popular books were originally about spotting witches and people were killed because people trusted them. Any chance that made Adam reconsider spreading unproven claims for attention & producer credits?


We could wait for Jon and Stephen to do their overton window washing routine issue by issue. But...why? Why wait?

Couldn't we just point out that these issues are already generally as well known as the "WOOO-hahn" Lab Leak that Jon shared which so shocked & surprised Stephen:


Back. They finally rejected my appeal but I then I deleted it (I mean they already deleted it but anyway). Fuck the magnetic prison this place has become, especially for people who care about "the news" and the dialogue around it. is going away. grow the .


When Assange is free he's going to get back on Twitter and he's going to say controversial things that will piss off every single one of us who've been fighting for his freedom this whole time and I cannot wait and I'm going to cherish every moment of it.

The solution is everybody giving at least a $1/month to the creators/developers of the stuff they enjoy and use regularly. It needs to be made possible to do directly and automatic from any bank's app using an open protocol.

Conservatives, progressives and libertarians have a disagreement about ends. Liberals, authoritarians and anarchists have a disagreement about means.

Could COVID interference with proper court functioning have lead to rising crime statistics? I doubt the left could admit to any rise while the right wants to blame "soft on crime" progressive politicians.

Having a good casting director is so important when you consider Heath Ledger auditioned for Anakin. Ugh.

RIP Mike Gravel, more evidence Assange is being unjustly targeted by corrupt governments and Biden is still a war monger. No show tonight, probably tomorrow sometime. Still no Twitter. Last week was fun.

"The regime established here [United States] promised untrammeled freedom to reason, not do everything indiscriminately, but to reason. The essential freedom that justifies the other freedoms, and on the basis of which, and for the sake of which, much deviance is also tolerated. An openness that denies the special claim of reason bursts the mainspring keeping the mechanism of this regime in motion." -Allan Bloom

"Openness used to be the virtue that permitted us to seek the good by using reason. It now means accepting everything and denying reason's power." - Allan Bloom

A big part of modernism ("pragmatism") is understanding statistics. That societies make huge improvements for their people by properly considering the data. But anecdotes override our rationality with emotion, and make much better fodder for media attention.

What the scientific method keeps telling us is not what the religious left or right want to hear.

Every race should be one general election (no primaries or parties) where only the five candidates who get the most signatures themselves (in a six month period, ending just far enough before the election to count/verify) make the ballot. Make all that info public. Force them to meet lots of their constituents, not just donors.

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