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There was no perfect time or way to exit Afghanistan. President Biden directed the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people and got our troops out. I disagree with the president on a lot, but I’m grateful he pushed through despite all the pressure.

This article was shared with me to argue that data out of Israel shows lower vaccine efficacy. But actually going beyond the headline shows the opposite. When older people happen to be the most at risk and the most vaccinated, you have to look deeper.

What does the "fuck commies" libertarian community think of Cuba adopting crypto as an official currency?

Next, leave everywhere else. Then work towards making the UN into something more like Congress instead of a debating society. Using force to try to save people from another nation's government or its own should be something the world community can do, but only them.

Please jump on the show tomorrow, every Sunday from 9pm CST till midnight. Whatever you want to talk about, let's get to the bottom of it. Working through the facts & different perspectives matters now more than ever. Thanks. Here's last week's episode:

"The signal that the market receives is not based on each individual, but each dollar. So Bill Gates sends a louder signal than the bottom 50m Americans or whole African countries. That's why you need a redistributive state, for markets to work." -

Mainstream media is hyping the nastiness of the withdrawal cause they've always been more loyal to the MIC than the DNC. Republicans embracing these narratives are either ignorant of this fact or place partisan goals (supported by known liars) over a factual public understanding.


I bit my tongue yesterday out of respect for the fallen. But many of the same pundits hanging their hats on 13 dead troops also spent the last year claiming a slow trickle of a dozen to twenty dead Americans annually was a small sacrifice to make going forward.

Pick one.


Educating children: this is the way.

When discussing vaccine side effects today on No Agenda...

Pfizer CEO: "Very, very rare."
Buzzkill: "One in a hundred is not that rare. One in a thousand."

Aren't these the exact numbers that when quoted as the odds of dying from COVID, I'm told are nothing to worry about.

So @Johncdvorak said today that the COVID vaccines kill at about the same rate as all other vaccines. TY Buzzkill.

Is anyone in the NA community taking ivermectin (currently or in the past)? @adam or @Johncdvorak? Did you have any digestive issues? Thanks.

I wish most disaffected conservatives understood that there's another left beyond the woke & the corporate press, that wants to work with you where our concerns overlap. But first we need an honest sharing of our different perspectives on these problems.

Our focus should be on hospitalizations, deaths and long COVID. In the past, these tracked with cases. Is that still true now that we have vaccines & better treatments? Are they sharply up? Is health care capacity strained? Those should determine mask mandates & lockdowns.

The US government was telling Americans to leave Afghanistan for months, but couldn't "mandate" it. Sound familiar?

I did get notified that the vaccines got FDA approval before I saw people saying that they now don't care about that and that the process was rigged. But just barely.

Where is the debate between the natural immunity people and the ivermectin advocates? Like most CLREs, these positions not only conflict with the official narrative, but with each other. But somehow neither side seems to care about that.

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