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Why doesn't Trump just say that JFK Jr did come back? Pretend that he is standing next to him, that anybody who dares to say they don't see or hear him is a liar, anti American. Take this Q postmodernism to the next level.

About 40% of people don't vote. Of those that do, about 50% of them (30% of the total) don't get the primary candidate they want. That's how universal health care can poll at >65% but never happen. 30% of Americans (political party loyalists) decide who wins.

For those who still use Twitter...

There used to be very few ads on the service, but now they are at least every 5th tweet. And about every 5th ad is for crypto. Is everyone seeing this?

Why is "crazy" so entertaining? What's the evolutionary advantage of that? Add the people who get locked into that kind of entertainment, to those blinded by tribalism, and the whole shit house might go up in flames.

So while is one of their best paid writers, @SubstackInc claims he's off the leaderboard cause of a "glitch". Could journalists be limiting their criticism of the company due to financial considerations? All media concentration is bad.

This is why we must take their money. Under capitalism with free expression protections necessary for democracy, their wealth translates into too much influence over public understanding and civic life. $10m/year, $100m in assets maximum.


Grateful for our libraries and librarians! ❤️


Justice? People have an understanding of reality and then what it should look like. Letting others convince you that either of these should be different is a strange process that we should never fully accept or reject. Reason, like objective reality. Close enough.

Has anybody seen this? I've never seen what provoked the initial chase. It could change my opinion of the case. Did Rittenhouse do something that made Rosenbaum think he was more of a threat to shoot people than others similarly armed?


"I have one consistency, which is being against the totalitarian – on the left and on the right. The totalitarian, to me, is the enemy; the one that's absolute, the one that wants control over the inside of your head, not just your actions and your taxes."

–Christopher Hitchens

They've both been guests on the experience before. and should go on again together, explain how they've made their money and discuss what they think US tax policy should look like.

Last Sunday night, we (@Kent, @Varus and @search_social) discussed ethnonationalism. My goal is an open and honest conversation with anybody that wants to be a guest, but I often don't know much about them beforehand. Putting me at a serious disadvantage. Live again in 30 minutes...


Those who can easily attack 100 strangers online are hungry for 100 distractions to occupy them from their #1 opponent, themselves.


There are a lot of things I want from a "decentralized web" and, uh,

putting the entire thing into a single shared database that's inefficient and hard to update, then buying ownership tokens… was not what I had in mind?

Can we double down on Indie Web features instead?

Obesity is a negative externality of capitalism. It demonstrates the market's success at providing cheap food, but then also its further success at propagandizing many into overconsumption. People's wills are weakened by life circumstances, then preyed upon. Like with drugs.


This is so good. None of us are self-made, and too many people never get the chance to be all they can - from which we all miss out. When we enable everyone to flourish, how much we will all gain.

It's great when good arguments receive some attention. But most people are still behind basically paid-for public conversation spaces, whether that's big social, cable news or legacy papers. The decentralization movement is the fight for equal consideration.

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