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Having Moderna & Pfizer CEOs say a 4th shot is necessary undermines what little trust in institutions remains. Why should we take the word of the people who stand to profit the most w obvious conflicts of interest? Science must be independent of pharma greed. Nationalize them

will be basically over in the US by March, maybe sooner. The virus won't be gone but few will be hospitalized & almost no one will die from it. Omicron will have displaced Delta & immunized those not already vaccinated.

Can we ask the deeper questions about outside of ideology? If you thought a presidency had been stolen, what should be done? How do we better ensure that it can't happen in the first place? Can we prevent people from being misled about that outcome?

"We need a liberal democracy, so we need to take on the main threat which is Wall Street, an autocratic force. They want to rule and don't want anyone else to have any power. That's the actual root of all of these problems." - (paraphrased)

Why does providing useful directions make us happy? You have no relationship with this person. There's no expected reward. It won't improve your reputation. You're not winning some kind of argument. It's purely an internal sense that you were helpful.


When a Dem like fights the teacher union to keep the kids in school during a pandemic they say ain't so bad, conservatives should support her. Until shit like that happens, we can't expect politicians to buck the special interests to do what they think is right.

Oh no, is a web3 guy. I've been wondering why hasn't embraced and .

"the science says...." is just shorthand for "the current consensus of the scientific community suggests that...."

kinda sounds weird but so do other shortcuts we take for granted. it's reasonable to ask for clarity but please don't be pedantic about it. HT


On an INDIVIDUAL basis, Omicron may be roughly as severe as influenza & much less for those up to date on vaccinations. But on a SOCIETAL basis because the number of infections is so high in such a short time, the risk of overwhelmed health care is much higher. Vax. Boost. Mask.

Just got a religious ad on . Would religious folk be ok with an ad that advocated atheism?

Is there a web3 site where I can bet crypto on when fizzles out?

Live now. Join me at to get on the show. I'd love to hear where people are getting their news and perspectives and why. Podcasts, writers, etc.

so Scott Horton just joined and I told him to join the instead and he said it sound nice but it also sounds like it's part of the federal government. what should I say and which server should I direct him to?


Why is the same political faction that spends so much time telling us democracy is seconds from ending so enthusiastic about censoring and marginalizing all of its political opponents in every institution?

web0 manifesto

“…web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit.”

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

Happy New Year! :)

#web0 #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Usually markets do greatly benefit the public. But in other situations, the selfish desire to maximize your own gain prevents a kind of cooperation that would serve almost everyone more. That's where we're at with closed social media platforms and open protocols.

Last weekend was Christmas and it was the holiday episode of the show with my daughter. A shorter show but we reviewed the news and played some alternative takes on classic songs. Please be my guest tomorrow, this Sunday at 9pm CST.

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