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The dissident left is so "radical" that as they get de-platformed from big tech platforms, they're moving to (and raising the profiles of) startups funded by people like Peter Thiel, all while uncontrollable FOSS tech alternatives struggle on shoestring budgets in obscurity.

How do we know that maybe half of all gang shootings aren't just good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns?

Last week, I discussed the week's news and played , then discussed Ukraine and guns with @search_social. Please join me tonight at 9pm CT.

The more that the actions of others can force you to incur costs, the more unrealistic is any attempt at decentralization. Government exists primarily to deal with the negative externalities of life as social creatures, and assholes.

I get skepticism of Patriot Front, but then I see Q dorks wearing JFK Jr tshirts. I'm sorry MAGA but you did this shit to yourselves. Charlottesville and your claims about stolen elections and the killer vax have left the rest of us willing to believe you'll say/do anything.

There's way too many people getting laughs out of really stupid trolling. We might be fucked just because too many Americans have a sense of humor stuck at about that of a 16 yo boy.


Ashli Babbitt's name is trending with one side saying she was a"murdered" hero and the other side saying she was a "domestic terrorist." Sad that there are so few who get that she was a pretty ordinary person utterly misled by Trump et al., and that that happened to so many.

What if the only people who got to own a gun were veterans? Wouldn't that be very in line with the 2A? Let the VA handle background checks and mental health care. Looking for compromises here people.

Other advanced democracies have responded to gun violence with stricter laws and it has worked without leading to dictatorship. But they also have universal health care and don't overspend on the military. We're exceptional, but not in a good way.

Every time I listen to, I'm impressed by's leftist political/media criticism. Lots I disagree with, but he's clearly smart, well informed and brings a perspective we rarely hear. I'd love to hear him in a debate.

In my corner of suburbia where every block has a sign screaming how much our community supports our LGBTQ+ neighbors, there are still kids afraid to come out to their parents, in case you were wondering.

The saddest part of what's happened is that the people wanted peace in the Donbas. The election and the Minsk agreements all prove it. Russia didn't want to go in. The fault lies with Ukrainian nationalists and our foreign policy establishment.

Somehow I missed it back in the day, but is way better than I expected. Very 80s style teen movie placed in the 90s with a great soundtrack.

I'd love to have some stats on how often the people I follow post here. It often feels like less than 10% make up 90% of my timeline. Around twice a day is healthy, with a RT or two and comments. I hate that some of my favorite people aren't on here or only lurk.

This episode about the by explains it so well, especially when combined with her previous shows on the topic. Please listen and support her independent media model, cause this kind of coverage just doesn't happen any other way.

Seems like let his desire to play to the people on Twitter, angry about Twitter, get ahead of his lawyers & financial sense. If they both got fucked by this deal, it would kinda be a perfect encapsulation of what a shit show big social has been for our culture.

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