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Is anybody planning to see this weekend? It's showing in Addison IL. I might be open to a meetup before or after if people were interested.

I forgot to mention this. My check is already in the bank. Illinois state government passed a privacy law and violated it and lots of us got almost $400. One clear example of good government protecting people from bad corporate behavior.

On Twitter, you can now hide someone else's replies to you if you're the only ones in the conversation. That's really fucked up.

Free speech doesn't matter if people aren't interested in alternative perspectives or accept a media landscape serving the interests of the already wealthy & powerful. The entertainment on the field and the screaming of the fans will never change the rules of the political game.


What's your dangerous idea? Mine is that people on opposing political sides should actually attempt to at least understand the perspective of the other side even if they don't agree with it, and not immediately condemn the person but try to at the very least see their worldview.

As long as we keep responding to dumb shit in the news & from politicians, they will keep doing it. Instead of focusing on issues and policy that can pass and do good. Both sides need to start drawing lines between who they want to act like adults vs entertainers.

I don't get how the people who understand and hate the propaganda of the mainstream (we agree) fall for propagandists like Bannon, Trump, Stone, Fox News etc. These people aren't really even trying to hide it.

The people who do the bad, stupid stuff are not any more evil or dumber than you are. They just had different life experiences. Great art, real education and dialogue is how we come to understand that. Then compromises become easier.

It's hard for people to feel comfortable being unmoored. That we have nothing but each other and our own imperfect reason. That the standard narrative is right sometimes and wrong sometimes, and so are their critics. No answers but only better questions.

Does remind anyone else of


So J6 committee is wrapping up Season 1, will start Season 2 in September to run through campaign. Question: In break, will they release transcripts/videos of interviews from which they have played brief excerpts throughout first nine hearings?

For years, censorship was never a problem on the decentralized net. It was only when the platforms centralized us that this showed up. Beyond finding a better way to send money directly, we don't need to do that anymore, unless you want to profit off other people's work.

Yes Glenn, you're a liberal. Welcome to the club. Engaging in good faith with those you disagree with by trying to help others understand their reasoning, isn't incompatible with arguing for your own positions forcefully.

Stop following people who get angry that their arguments aren't taken seriously when they don't take their opponents seriously. That would stop a lot of the stupidity on social media.


Seriously, the odds that the Secret Service really cannot recover any of these messages are close to nil. If Congress swallows this turd sandwich they deserve to get rolled.


The cops "arrest" you with no handcuffs and allow you a photo op when you continually vote to increase their budget--and that of the military. For the millionth time, these elected influencers are useless to the people and emblematic of how capital funds its own "opposition."

Why do people use Instagram instead of just posting pictures to Twitter etc? (or pixelfed vs mastodon etc)

If there's a show guest and somebody is censoring themselves, or routinely avoiding some obvious subject of conversation to avoid exposing some propaganda they're selling the audience or keep the network owner/advertisers happy, that's a problem. Not "platforming".

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