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I need to spend more time listening to my own radio station instead of podcasts and articles. It gives my brain a rest.

The more ignorant about the world and other people you are, the more fun it is to be an asshole. For some, that's the only joy they have in life. Education is a threat.

Do the people who are upset about how lefties treated etc have anything to say about

You can prioritize getting to a better understanding together, or something else. Convincing them you're right. Creating entertaining content. Making yourself look good. The first choice is journalistic. A dialectic. It has integrity. The others are selfish.

If the bill established the right to an abortion before 15 weeks, in addition to restricting abortions after 15 weeks (with exceptions), throughout the nation, that would seem like a fair compromise to me. Does it?


Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is starting a podcast called 33. FYI.

Good stuff. What calls the dissident left is actually just the really liberal left, people for whom integrity matters more than status/money. We need more dismantling the monarchist right. Thad is often too gentle with them.

We love stories of good vs evil, while life is mostly coincidences and competing interests. With endless information and so many competing to keep us entertained, remembering this can be a struggle. But it's a cultural imperative if we want a functional democracy.

@ned they should march him shaved and naked leading the procession.

Money supply needs to be managed in the public interest, in response to the changing supply/demand of goods/services. There's just no way around it. @pluralistic explains.

The purpose of social media is attention democracy, where we finally have control over what goes viral in the culture. An end to gatekeepers controlling access to platforms and their ability to manage what we think about with ads & algorithms. Decentralization please.

My fantasy team is all I'm beyond ok with losing every week if that means is this happy.


1992: The humanities are useless. Study STEM.
2002: The humanities are useless. Study STEM.
2012: The humanities are useless. Study STEM.
2022: Why are nazis suddenly about to take over?

Government funding for a sports stadium would make sense if the building was truly publicly owned and we squeezed the teams for every possible dollar for using them. We'd have the power if cities banded together. Made them pay. They'd have no other choice.


I think the Queen would want us all to live the way she did, with free public housing, basic universal income, and full government health care.


Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood is attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tonight, calling him “Desatan” while adding: “Criminals, traitors, and child traffickers flock, fly, and live together. Pray for them.”

Liberal democracy, a way to understand the world together & build the best life for all, is still our best option. What's new is the transparency of the internet. It exposed lots of problems. Our challenge is to take advantage of that greater clarity, not give up.

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