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I am always looking for guests for my show. I believe that our society is fucked by our increasing division, an inability to understand each other, both accidental and orchestrated. I think we can and must overcome it, through conversation and applying some principles of fairness we're starting to forget. Thanks.

Journalistic paywalls leave only the work of special interest groups to dominate the public conversation. It will become the only content we can "reliably" cite in conversation. Funding open access journalism with regular small individual donations can fix this.

Nice short thread but shouldn't presidents not only need authorization from Congress, but from the UN etc? Don't we need to abide by some kind of international law? If we'd consider Iranian troops on our border with Mexico provocative, what about our hundreds of bases everywhere?


This latest Biden airstrike is being spun as "defensive" and "retaliatory" despite its targeting a nation the US invaded (Syria) in response to alleged attacks on US forces in another nation the US invaded (Iraq). You can't invade a nation and then claim self-defense there. Ever.


Foreigner called the first song on their first album "Feels Like the First Time" but go off about how Tool are geniuses

$5 - inter/national news outlet
$5 - local news outlet
$1 - every blogger/podcast you love

If everyone gave this much monthly for work made freely available on independent platforms without any paywalls/advertising/sponsors, would it be enough to sustain a healthier democracy?

People are talking about walking around naked-faced in order to protest the restrictions. Why can't we walk around actually naked? Cause of the government? Cause other people will object? Does this violate your essential sense of freedom?

Are there lots of people doubting the official story? There's only one source of information & it's a government agency. Conspiracies seem to arise when people have reason to tell a different story, not because there's a lack of evidence or distrust of sources.

should be perfect. Clark Kent shouldn't exist. He's too busy saving the day everywhere to even be caught on camera.

The parable should be about Lex Luthor, the epitome of human achievement but with an unlimited ego that can't accept always being outshined by Superman.

Every corporate tech platform is a form of feudalism. You shouldn't be ok with their power over us just because they might currently serve your interests. Instead, demand the use of open protocols that establish standards and treat everyone fairly.


500,000 dead Americans: who needs a mask!

2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let’s pass 165 new voter suppression laws!

The public needs to understand the difference between platforms and protocols. Only the latter will protect free expression.

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I saw you guys active on the minds gitlab. I'd love to pick your brains on that and LBRY. are they both serious about being federated? does blockchain fit with activitypub? I'm totally out of my depth but I sense a lot of grifters in the blockchain space. thanks.

"He'll say the didn't exist."

I know there's a lot of complaining about having to wear a mask. But just consider of how much of this we're not hearing, cause they also refused to wear seat belts.

Democracy doesn't work if we don't check each other. We can't be too afraid to be challenged or call each other out. I feel like we're taking the way we avoid talking about other's religions & applying it to factual disputes. That destroys the sense of community.

A weekly foreign policy podcast with & would be epic.

Stop referring to ideas as a conspiracy theory. Or people crazy. Call them all . A fitting legacy. "Isn't that a little quewy?"

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