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I am always looking for guests for my show. I believe that our society is fucked by our increasing division, an inability to understand each other, both accidental and orchestrated. I think we can and must overcome it, through conversation and applying some principles of fairness we're starting to forget. Thanks.


This is my exact view of our insane level of political division, is making a lot of sense here


The only thing holding America together right now are podcasts.

I would love a video timeline of the events of January 6th. Has anybody seen something like this yet? It could show what was going on at the same time, perhaps even overlaid with a highlighted map of Washington DC & diagram of the Capitol building. Thanks.

Hey folks, what's the best conservative & libertarian servers? Thanks.

cc @lsanger

I find it weird that people want more content from the same people. I get that you're fans for a reason, but don't we know that we all need to get a greater variety of perspectives? Follow them on social media & something like an article/podcast per week perhaps...

loves the year 1776. I think that's supposed to make the case for violent revolution when liberty & American values are being suppressed. Maybe the left should respond with 1859, when religiously inspired John Brown tried to initiate a slave revolt.

Understanding the value of open protocols on the internet is now just as important as having a good grasp of civics and critical thinking.

I was wrong. I didn't think would fight so hard to stay in office after losing the .


I’m reminded of a fascinating 2009 Rolling Stone profile of Kris Kristofferson written by Ethan Hawke. Toby Keith’s name was blinded as “the Star” in this wild anecdote from Willie Nelson’s 70th birthday concert.

Most of is finally accepting that they were lied to about how would definitely secure another term. What would it take to accept that those same people lied to them about being stolen?


On the same day Trump is impeached for inciting an insurrection, spoke with incoming Secretary of State to get him to recognize Juan Guaidó, a guy who attempted a coup, called for sanctions & an invasion, & contracted mercs to murder Venezuelans.

Brother, I love your energy, even though I'm a Bernie Bro and don't support this impeachment. You are exactly the type of candidate that gets screwed by our duopoly/primary process. Please push like they have in Maine and free the voters. Thanks.

Now do the .


The reason I have so much passion for is largely because of the model it demonstrates: a foundational internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity. This is what the internet wants to be, and over time, more of it will be.


Pelosi said her young staffers knew to barricade the door, turn out the lights, and be silent, because they learned it in school.

I created a little landing page to help onboard normal people to the Fediverse.

The goal is not to list every single server, but rather direct newcomers to a small handful that would broadly appeal to most people (if I didn't include your server, sorry, nothing personal). This will hopefully make it easy for people who know nothing about the Fediverse to quickly choose a server that generally suits their moderation preferences without being overwhelmed by the number of options.



If the MAGAts are so pissed at the deep state, why aren't they storming Langley?

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