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Sometimes the back and forth about big ideas in the news, politics and culture can get confused or personal on social media. That's why I host a weekly stream/podcast (no edits) & invite everyone on. Please join me. Thank you.

Reading my daughter's AP US History textbook "The Unfinished Nation" and so I decided to look up the author here. Never have I seen anyone get such high praise from all sides. He died in 2019 but RIP Alan Brinkley.

Being a liberal demands that we respect every democracy's right to choose a government we hate, whether that's hard right or hard left etc.

Everybody should want an easy way to pay & get paid by anybody online directly from our banks. No third-party necessary. Everybody using one standard like email or text, but for money. No need to confirm the service they're using or store/provide personal info. Digital checking.

"These evil corporations won't help me tell you how evil they are. So while an alternative exists (), I'll keep using only their platforms so that you'll need to use their platforms too in order to follow me and I'll have endless shit to complain about."

Trump is so many steps ahead of the government that before he left office, he declassified the docs that he knew they would plant during the raid.

The key question to consider today. Can we have a workable democracy in a world of vast disagreement on what's true and no authority beyond ourselves? It's the actual "freedom" struggle of our age.

The test of US advocates for democracy in other nations is whether they support the right of foreign democracies to oppose US interests. Democracy promotion is usually a self interested effort toward total compliance & why outside support should come through the UN.

People are more concerned about a president not sure where to go/stand during a public event, than a former (possibly future) president not realizing that being able to declassify documents only in your head wouldn't change how they're dealt with (the whole point of such a law).

Trump just announced that before he left office, he mentally classified the social security numbers of his enemies. They're all now totally fucked.

: where the best stuff dominates

most people are aware of and accept the info most likely to be true and the strongest arguments. content goes most viral cause the public recommends it, not ads, algos or gatekeepers. creators are well supported, not middlemen.

What do conservatives in the US think about the rejection of conservative values in places like Iran?

Trump has been telling the public that he declassified the docs & his followers have been buying it. Basically writing fan fiction to explain how this explanation makes any sense whatsoever. But now he has to say this to the judge & won't. I'm eagerly awaiting the next excuse.

Too many libertarians assume people haven't heard their arguments before. Maybe that used to be true, but they seriously need some new talking points. They've been taking advantage of people's limited knowledge of basic civics and political philosophy for too long.

Somehow folks who see every post vax health issue as caused by it, rant against seeing any weather abnormality as related to climate change. And vice versa. Perhaps recognizing this dissonance in our thinking could restore some universal standards in our reasoning?

Limited experience, trying to account for your own biases, searching out honest and well informed perspectives you don't want to agree with, filtered through fair but critical reasoning only you can develop for yourself. Fuck grifters for making this even harder.

People with crosses and flags and laser eyes in their profile have a problem with identity politics.

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