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Colin Powell politely tells MSNBC that they (& many others) botched the Russian Bounty story w/ "hysterical" coverage. "Our military commanders did not think that it was as serious a problem as the newspapers were reporting & television was reporting... It got almost hysterical." t.co/fue42WlWbv

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For like a century, corporate media decided who got “cancelled” & often the people didn’t even do anything wrong (Sinead O’Connor, Monica Lewinsky, etc). But now that social media is deciding who gets cancelled, it’s the most dire threat to free speech that ever happened. Lol ok

Why didn't @realDonaldTrump seem to care when his Saudi Arabian friends cancelled journalist ?

Had a chat with @borisDpython about many things on Sunday, including libertarian thought and social media. Shorter show with no news or music due to technical issues. Please call in to talk about the and more this week!

As a supporter of the , this is a pretty good response. Definitely some missteps, but it definitely lays the groundwork for a longer conversation about cultural power and the challenges new communication technologies force upon us (what I think this is all about).

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Playing for Team Human today, author of "Goliath" and Director of Research at American Economic Liberties Project, @matthewstoller@twitter.com.

Stoller digs up the ground of neoliberalism and looks at how we can reclaim democracy from the market.


All Americans should be cancelled for paying taxes to an international criminal guilty of mass murder. But don't care.

Of course people are now being shamed over signing the , some successfully. The main line of attack I'm seeing is guilt by association. Please explain that one to me, or even posit a better argument. How have these ideas become controversial?

My wife likes to decorate cookies. And sometimes you get cancelled by and not . The camping trip that will never be.

I believe there is a lot of bad information, bad thinking and selfishness out there. Cancel culture is one manifestation of it, the refusal to wear masks is another. We need to be able to talk about all of it without falling into even conspiracy adjacent framing.

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A statement signed by 150 people incl. Bill T. Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Jennifer Finney Boylan, Noam Chomsky, J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood, and Salman Rushdie expresses concern over the illiberal trend intensified by our national reckoning.


When conservatives complain about @Twitter@twitter.com @YouTube@twitter.com etc, they're hypocritically telling others what to do with something they took the risk to build with their own time & money. At least lefties do that consistently. Grow the true freedom network instead. Join the .

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The antics of these public health "experts," along with elected officials and journalists, destroyed their credibility to issue neutral guidances or policies re: the virus. And you wonder why people aren't listening any more? You wonder why cases are spiking almost everywhere?

.@realDonaldTrump@twitter.com was right to decry at his speech, but then he went on to make a mockery of the he claimed to be defending. Total political propaganda. Was he trolling us? At least Neil Young got the last laugh. .

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The hot dog is the perfect symbol for America - it’s enjoyable but the more you look into how it was made, the less you wanna know.

Music, news and a great conversation last Sunday with @ImMeWhoUdoe about politics & culture but especially our current moment. Live again tomorrow night at 9pm CST.

I'm a free speech absolutist. I'm opposed to the toppling of public statues. But people trying to convince you to care more about idols & symbols instead of policy & principles are crude propagandists. Let's argue about shit that matters.

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