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I am always looking for guests for my show. I believe that our society is fucked by our increasing division, an inability to understand each other, both accidental and orchestrated. I think we can and must overcome it, through conversation and applying some principles of fairness we're starting to forget. Thanks.


This decision rests with Congress not the President. This is contested election not a rebellion or invasion. If a president could unilaterally declare martial law over his own election, it would not be an invitation to tyranny, it would be tyranny itself.

Of course establishment Democrats hate him, but has been doing a great job respectfully disputing election fraud claims. Imagine a world where most journalists were this honest, didn't play to any audience and were respected for it.

Is anybody trying to build a wiki page (on their own server) to document actual irregularities & baseless claims etc? If people were serious about understanding this instead of cashing in, wouldn't they do that? With links to videos, articles, documents etc.

I too want the @JoeBiden administration to be what I expected out of a @BernieSanders presidency. But that's not happening and we need to stop thinking in terms of political parties. Vote strategically but these are people with different agendas. Don't treat them like teammates.

BUZZKILL @Johncdvorak is finally putting the hammer down on CRACKPOT @adam. Perhaps now they will start deconstructing the bullshit in alternative media as well. Won't be good for audience growth or donations though, at least short term.


Michael Lang, an 18-year-old who grew up in a close-knit community in La Grange, Illinois, was ready for the next chapter in his life: college.

But within months, he contracted COVID-19 and died.


When the founders created this shining beacon of democracy, they knew that the true objective of national elections in a great republic is to remove one set of corporate think tank staffers from government jobs & give those jobs to another set of corporate think tank staffers


Private beliefs inevitably affect public behavior. Therefore, liberalism can really only thrive among a group of people who share fundamental assumptions, beliefs and attitudes. Too much diversity of thought kills liberalism just as surely as does too much uniformity.


Wokeism is class war by the rich against the working class.

The level of Trump worship found around here is incredible and that’s not a good thing. No leader short of Christ deserves this kind of devotion.
You guys are pulling insane scenarios out of your collective asses and it looks beyond desperate.

Media creators are doing it for lots of different reasons. To have a huge audience, to make money, to express themselves, to have fun etc. IMO we should only call it journalism when their top priority is clearly to tell you what's most likely true, to the best of their ability.

Last weekend, my neighbor Nathan returned to discuss , election results, Illinois, Biden’s plans and how to better balance minority/majority concerns within our government. Also lots of news and music. Doing it again live this Sunday at 9pm CST.


You can’t unite our country by demanding Trump supporters just sit down, shut up & suck it up. It doesn’t work like that. Actually that approach only divides us further, especially for the many (you know who you are) who spent the last 4 years resisting, impeaching & obstructing.

I'm starting to think people don't realize anyone can say anything & just because it's widely shared, doesn't mean it's true. We owe it to the greater public interest to subject all claims we encounter to our own basic nonpartisan factual critique before sharing it with others.


CNN got the brutha up outta there, as soon as he brought up Rahm Emanuel and laquan McDonald. 😂😂

We all know is desperate to get back into the White House. C'mon man, let him walk the dogs

What if every ballot had a unique ID that was fully trackable online, but we made sure that only the voter knew that number? A tab you ripped off or you could just take a picture with your phone. Everyone could at least ensure their vote was registered correctly.

It would require serious global coordination to find out what the wealthiest people and biggest corporations are hiding around the world, but this is a great idea.

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