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I am always looking for guests for my show. I believe that our society is fucked by our increasing division, an inability to understand each other, both accidental and orchestrated. I think we can and must overcome it, through conversation and applying some principles of fairness we're starting to forget. Thanks.

IDK if he actually has a lot of the files or why, but he's also talking about it like a reasonable person. You know, that it shouldn't be dripped out last minute as partisan fodder but given to nonpartisan media etc as a document of public interest. Thread.

I need a Richard Marx gif. "" on the top. "I'll be right here waiting for you." on the bottom. Something I can post on Twitter whenever somebody complains about Jack etc censoring them etc.


Can we be honest here?

This mentality, adopted by Lemon and countless others on the left, will do more to destroy our body politic and tear apart our social fabric than Trump could do in a hundred terms in office.

Last weekend, I had a great conversation with @billybon3s, followed up with a weekly review of the news and music. Please check it out, and then join me again live like always on Sunday at 9pm CST. Thanks.

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This is not the same information as the verified laptop. Don’t let NBC FAKE NEWS fool you with this article.

Been saying it for a while but the era of opinion journalism being bound up with reporting needs to end. New models please. If you've followed the news, read's resignation & Reed's response, it should be clear whose more in the right here. But I'm definitely biased.

I just try to live up to the ideals they talk about on this episode, on social media & my show "Culture War Radio". I call them straight up even if that term isn't popular right now. Thank you forever &

If lefties want to eternally define our nation by its laws at the founding, shouldn't we do the same with the political parties? If Republicans want to use this argument to define Democrats as proslavery and themselves as antislavery, isn't it fair to talk about the USA this way?

Generally, the right wants to silence mainstream media while the left wants to shut down alternatives like etc. Instead of censorship, why don't we agree on good journalistic norms, how to fund responsible press/tech & teach critical media consumption?

The "truth" is complicated. Objective reality is unknowable so all we can do is work through our subjective understandings together. We must want to know. We must learn the standards for decision-making & why. We must be brave enough to publicly change our minds.


So, here’s an irony: The “results” we get on election night are the results of *press organizations calling the outcome*; official certification happens later. So Trump is... demanding we abide by whoever the media declares to be the winner?

The best nominees show a dedication to getting the legal interpretation right over advancing any agenda. They get near unanimous approval, arising as a compromise made by a president of one party and a Senate controlled by the other. I think that's over now.

If you can trace your family member's death to either themselves or someone they've contracted it from eating at a restaurant, can you sue? Maybe we should let them allow indoor dining after they get the relevant insurance. No matter the cost, at least they'd be making some money, right?

What is an election year? Both Stevens & Kennedy were nominated by Republican presidents less than 12 months before the presidential election, and confirmed unanimously by a Democratic senate. Even their bullshit reasoning was bullshit.

I've been forgetting to promote my last weekend's episode in the middle of the week like I've planned to. About to go live in 30 minutes, but I feel really good about last Sunday's episode with Please check it out. Thanks.


Long before social justice coined the term "micro-aggression", the religious right saw "Happy Holidays" as a micro-aggression.

If the team really cared about corruption etc, they'd have released the entire contents of the more than a week or two before the election. And every one of his supporters knows it.

If somebody does "all the right things", do they have a better chance of "success" in Canada or the USA?

The percentage of people who use an actual picture of themselves as their profile pic seems a lot lower on the than compared to big social.

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