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Sometimes the back and forth about big ideas in the news, politics and culture can get confused or personal on social media. That's why I host a weekly stream/podcast (no edits) & invite everyone on. Please join me. Thank you.

ANCAPs living in the woods believe in freedom. The rest of us consider it one of many priorities. But fuck if it ain't a great simplistic political slogan to help build your personal brand. You rebel influencer you. Please tell me what shit to buy.

Good people can act dangerously based on bad info, or when they lack good info. So we must be responsible for what we share. But because we all have competing interests, decentralized self publishing is the best way to facilitate free expression. Not a platform like

Chicago sports on Twitter are a bit strange. Thanks to the team names, when checking up on football and basketball hashtags, you're likely to stumble on very large men fucking and sucking. Or maybe that's just what their algo thinks I'm into.

People think supports free speech instead of just doing what's best for business. We have one proven model that supports free expression, that which made the open internet possible. Open protocols, decentralization. Anti corporate and anti government.

Beyond shutting down the net, bad info will exist and spread. And some of that bad info will later be proven good info. As that happens, people will decide that the closed platforms who censored that info are evil or untrustworthy. Decentralization is inevitable.

It was kinda sad (but refreshingly honest) hearing the entire roundtable admit that weakening public education also means a loss of diversity of experience of all types for most Americans. I fear that schools are the only thing that holds society together.

Beyond the law of power, is truth. But it's not from God. It arises from reason & empathy. People freely agreeing on what passes for correct, factual or the best argument, at that moment. Open to future revision, but worth acting on for now, in the public interest.

If you have a problem with the lawsuit protection for big pharma as regards vaccine dangers, maybe you don't like the whole idea of the "corporate veil". I don't but everything in this world is about trade-offs. The free market you worship doesn't exist.

We have mobile devices w/ the internet. It's extremely dumb that independently-minded and don't host their work on their own sites and we don't have apps that can easily access it w/o lock-in. Tech illiteracy is great for mega corporations and government.

Imagine hating big pharma but being sick and they come up with a drug that makes your life much better but not perfect and could do the same for many others but every day people tell you the drug doesn't work and that anybody that uses their products is a shill. It's like that.


Any effort by the president to enter U.S. troops into hostilities in Eastern Europe without congressional authorization would be unconstitutional, illegal, and undemocratic—depriving Americans of their right to be represented regarding whether their loved ones are sent to war.

There are lots of big names complaining about big tech censorship but also many people working on proven technology/networks outside of corporate and government control. Somehow the first won't acknowledge the latter exists. Instead, they embrace wannabe big tech snake oil. Why?

The abortion rights slogan "my body, my choice" seems to be anti mandate. If you think it should be illegal to force people to wear a mask or take a vaccine, can we draft them?

When you don't talk to the other side, you start to believe substance isn't necessary.

Was just on

for a great chat about democracy, diversity, and the nature of the Fediverse.

Thanks to @wjmaggos as usual and all who tuned in!

Trustworthiness is the top consideration regarding journalism & the quickest, most reliable way to make that call is to look at their funding. Small direct donations from lots of people w/ different perspectives is the best. The least possible pressure to mislead.

I've completely lost any grasp of what determines a catch these days.

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