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Sometimes the back and forth about big ideas in the news, politics and culture can get confused or personal on social media. That's why I host a weekly stream/podcast (no edits) & invite everyone on. Please join me. Thank you.


If the vaccine was dangerous they would've given it to poor people first, not politicians and billionaires.

Some of the best people produce way too much content. Too many tweets/toots, too many articles, too many hours of podcasts. Even if it's great stuff, consuming it all means you're not getting the variety of perspectives we all need.


The problem with good-intentioned lies is that they erode credibility in the long-term.

I call it the Reverse Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf phenomenon.

Public health authorities seem to have a learning disability when it comes to understanding this phenomenon.

We only have a problem with because the air we breathe is still considered a public good. If someone could find a way to charge for it, virus-free oxygen would be expensive at first, but eventually competition would make it cheap and easily accessible to everyone.


Guns N’ Roses brought an epic three-hour set to Wrigley Field Thursday, with no shortage of solos, bravado and adoring fans.

If we're having severe health care shortages, governors need to lockdown and activate the national guard. Legislatures (and judges if necessary) should have worked out the necessary conditions by now, so that these actions can come with as wide a sense of legitimacy as possible.

So was fucking great. Waiting for to take the stage here at . I'm sure is around here somewhere.

I'll keep saying it. You need to beware media manipulation from more than just the M5M. If you're only questioning news/views you disagree with, you're not really the critical thinker you claim to be. And you need to support people if they're being honest and fair in hostile venues, whether you agree with them or not. That's the only path out of the tribalist reality bubbles our culture finds itself in.

If the vaccinated can still get it and spread it you'd think negative tests vs vaccine status would be the benchmark but I'm just a retard using logic so whatever

I oppose Biden's mandates. Consider how there's no exceptions for large workplaces already at herd immunity levels of vaccination, and it's obvious this is just using OSHA to affect the larger society. A legal workaround, like the TX abortion law.

But get vaccinated anyway.

One aspect of our broken civics, media and political system is that lots of people vote for lower offices based on how well the president is doing. We're disengaged, poorly informed tribalists. HT

Today's art demonstrates my problem w/ the show's direction perfectly. Instead of just helping us deconstruct ALL media (like the glasses in ), they're now more about giving people an alternative worldview to completely switch to. IMHAFO

But government regulation is evil. Slippery slope. They'll regulate themselves. Principles.

I don't think better policy is difficult to figure out. The problem is overcoming tribalism, mass misinformation and ideology.

Driving down to Louisville. There till Sunday. Do I know anybody there? What should we do, besides drink bourbon?

Last weekend, my guest was I'd say we mostly spoke about what seems to be a bit of a generational divide on how to respond to inflammatory speech. And then news and music. Please join the conversation this Sunday at 9pm CST.

Do you remember Aaron Swartz?

Hardcore folk now bitching about the Taliban running Afghanistan is seriously frustrating. I thought the outsider left and right agreed on ending the forever wars, you lying partisan little shits.

In one thread, I'm being asked to prove COVID even exists. In another, I'm being asked why the unvaccinated should get equal medical treatment to those already vaccinated. Trying to live your really sucks right now.

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