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Sometimes the back and forth about big ideas in the news, politics and culture can get confused or personal on social media. That's why I host a weekly stream/podcast (no edits) & invite everyone on. Please join me. Thank you.


Tight race in Pennsylvania. Mail-in ballots could turn the race - and are still being counted days after Election Day. The fact that there are no GOP lawmakers talking about fraud or “election integrity” further exposes the deep cynicism of the 2020 big lie.

@theblockchainsocialist think you could get Greenwald to try out the fedi? maybe we could even set him up with a server etc...


This captures the absurdity and deceit of our current discourse so completely and fully that it's hard to believe it actually happened.

It's so rare for perfection this pure to materialize. The universe is speaking loudly here. Appreciate what it just provided:

Y'all could have focused on the and not made it about Nina. Then our public conversation today wouldn't be so stupid, but it also would've been hard to get many people to pay attention to it. We desperately need to upgrade our civics.

We could eliminate all primaries (and political parties as anything more than an endorsement organization like the Sierra Club etc) with general elections.

You can be a hardcore advocate for outside of the norm policies, admit where people who generally agree with you are wrong, and not be an aggressively divisive asshole. It won't make you popular with the media or activists, but it can win you the support of voters.

It doesn't make sense that would claim that protecting free speech on is vital, that he'd offer $43b for a company valued at $37b at the time, and then back off after finding out more than 5% of accounts are bots.

Look at why you want to believe what you do.


Some people say we should leave abortion rights up to states. I say, why stop there? Why not leave it up to counties, cities, neighborhoods, or—and this would really be fun—individual people?


18 years old and writing about white genocide before he went out to massacre Black folks buying groceries.

But tell me again how we don’t need antiracism education in schools. was supposed to be the guy who talks to the guy who knows some stuff that we might not. That's still all he is and all he wants to be. It's everybody else that wants him to be a cult leader, both people who love him and those who hate him.

🎵 People are strange. 🎶

Driving home from Michigan, will be live at the normal time, 9pm CT. Let's talk about the news this week. Here's the show from last Sunday night.


If I was going to spend $50 on headphones I would do more reading on the subject than Elon has done on Twitter.

is so much better than Solo and all of the sequel trilogy films. But Gareth Edwards doesn't want to do any more films. Damnit.


top 10! tracks at #10: Dutch Criminal Record
- 00's Nostalgia top 10

I know it all feels fucked up but I really do think we're improving. We're getting both more globally connected but also decentralized in our info/understanding. And smarter by dealing with our demons. It's the chaos of the birth of a better culture.

So's acquisition of is on hold cause it might not be as profitable as he was hoping. Doesn't this prove he's not really doing it for the public interest of free speech? But we more geeky advocates of decentralization already knew that.

the phrase "sweet Jesus" implies the existence of a sour Jesus, a bitter Jesus, a salty Jesus, and an umami Jesus

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