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I am always looking for guests for my show. I believe that our society is fucked by our increasing division, an inability to understand each other, both accidental and orchestrated. I think we can and must overcome it, through conversation and applying some principles of fairness we're starting to forget. Thanks.

Big love to . Get better soon. I'm not a libertarian but he's so obviously committed to good faith advocacy of what he believes will make our country better. Exactly what we need more of.


We all understand that experience is biased. That's precisely why scientists data, experiments, theory, and arguments, not experiences. And that's why no progressive scientist would defer to the "lived experience" of a Trump voter who said racism hurts whites more than blacks.

Religion is both ideology & community. How others understand it might be completely different than how you do. It could be a big or small part of your decision-making, or maybe you completely compartmentalize it from parts of your life. But it's fair to consider.


Even amidst the profound grief & anger today's decision generated, violence is never & can never be the answer. Those who engage in it must be held accountable. Jill & I are keeping the officers shot tonight in Louisville in our prayers. We wish them both a swift & full recovery.

On Sunday, I had my friend and former coworker on the show to talk about current events and how he came to be an environmental advocate. Join me again this weekend.

Listening to the podcasting 2.0 podcast, I'm pretty sure @sobr and @NICKtheRAT are the same person or at least share a milieu.

damn, I just realized this is probably fake. the CIA was founded in 1947. still fun though.

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I wish the first color changed to reflect which party's president nominated them, that it went back further, included failed/withdrawn/etc candidates and somehow showed what the margin of party control of the Senate was at the time. And remove any reference to 2020.

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Some SCOTUS nominees (by presidents of both parties) get lots of votes from the other side while others don't. This does seem to be going down in recent years but we can't know if that's cause of a change in the type of nominee or Senate or what. (best chart I could find, sorry)


The depressing truth is that “f*ck the other side” tweets get more likes than “it’s really complicated” tweets. Similarly, broadcasts that focus on the evils of the other side get more viewers than those that analyze all the nuances of various policy proposals. Hate is addictive.


In WW2, Londoners were asked to black out their homes at night so the enemy bombers wouldn’t see the lights & know where to target. No Londoner said,”It’s my right to have lights on”. Cuz others would say,”your light on endangers us.”Substitute “light” for “mask”. Now argue.

Hearing & complain that we now have many different political professionals (academics/journalists, issue/policy activists & campaign staff) forced into one conversation on social media, I'm hopeful that means citizens can eventually dominate that space.

late to the matrix party, I think. who else is out there? does it make sense to use it as something like a green room for my podcast? thanks.

No person, party, or ideology has the answers. But using the tools we've developed to better know reality & build institutions together, we can improve. My efforts are dedicated toward what calls "making better drivers".

It's unclear yet whether Former Nashville Council Member Tony Tenpenny died FROM or only WITH it, but he trolled the fuck out of those of us who think the virus is actually dangerous.

was confirmed by a vote of 96-3 in 1993 when the Senate was 57-43 Democrats. There is no reason that a Senate majority of the same party as the president should be required to confirm a justice, if we believe in the public interest over partisanship.


Chuck Grassley in July saying he would not support. a Supreme Court nominee in 2020: “You can't have one rule for Democratic presidents and another rule for Republican presidents."


RIP Stephen Cohen, a friend and guide who spent the last four years of his life standing against a tidal wave of hysterical Cold War hostility with elegance and erudition.

His intellectual courage was anchored in experience and scholarship his antagonists could never match.

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